Terms And Conditions On This Site Are TRASH

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  1. 1256366
    Unknown User : Fri 11th May 2018 : 4 years ago

    -No Sampling?
    -Only real instruments?
    -Royalty, with no credit recognition?
    These terms are complete and utter garbage! So you mean to tell me, that there's interpolations? No samplings anything layered in a lot of these posted loops? How would you know if I didn't tell you? Obviously, you have a part of your website where you search keywords and stalk user profiles? That's ridiculous! Are the advertisement checks paying you that well, that you would slight your own creatives who give you the traffic, Looperman? Majority of the biggest records of all time are samples? Websites like this are stifling creatives! No sounds used from a sample pack? What about all the sample vocal chops that a lot of these loops have contained in them? The drums that are used in majority of these instrumentals on this website COME FROM SAMPLE/DRUM PACKS! This website is so full of itself when a lot of these loops are average at best! Some of these guys NEED samples because otherwise their loops would be straight ASS HAT! By the way, next time I post, I'm putting my recognition on there...

  2. 2647028
    KiestyleProductions : Fri 11th May 2018 : 4 years ago

    there, there -hugs-

  3. 1256366
    Unknown User : Fri 11th May 2018 : 4 years ago

    @KiestyleProductions Is there something wrong with you? Why are you constantly commenting under everything I post. You're starting to give me creep vibes...

  4. 2647028
    KiestyleProductions : Fri 11th May 2018 : 4 years ago

    Wow, I hate to be mean but you're being kinda suspicious/delusional man I commented on 1 of your loops because it was on the first page and now in this thread because it's literally on the right side of my screen in "from the forums" with a eye-catching title like this.

    Calm down man, I get it you're mad, no hard feelings from me don't worry, just rethink your anger fam.

  5. 1256366
    Unknown User : Sat 12th May 2018 : 4 years ago

    @KiestyleProductions Suspicious? Your comments weren't even relevant to my loop or this forum! You're just commenting randomly with no context, and to be completely honest, you're starting to look like a spam account. If you're going to comment, add to the conversation man, don't bug people, because then you start to look spam-ish.

  6. 1256366
    Unknown User : Sat 12th May 2018 : 4 years ago

    @KiestyleProductions There aren't any hard feelings on my part either. I'm just too used to spam accounts on YouTube, Twitter, etc.

  7. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Sat 12th May 2018 : 4 years ago

    @april jeez mate you've been a member for about two seconds and you come out swinging...just relax a little and you'll soon realise this place has no spam it's just full of creatives like yourself...cheers

  8. 1256366
    Unknown User : Sat 12th May 2018 : 4 years ago

    @Planetjazzbass I've been a member for years actually. This is just a separate account.

  9. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Sat 12th May 2018 : 4 years ago

    Well not to put too fine a point on it then you should know that members are only allowed one account. But getting back to your main beef about sampling, personally my attitude vacillates somewhat these days, on one hand I regard taking excerpts of other people's material as plagiarism approaching theft but then I appreciate the new musical horizons that this opens up within the contemporary music community, and creatively I'd have to come down in favour of it artistically (though 20 years ago I would have been calling for some rope to deal with the perpetrators) it's not as if it hasn't been done before, take for instance the 'Modern' art movement back in the 1920's when objects called ready mades, urinals, pieces of bikes etc were successfully incorporated into art works. The bottom line I think Looperman is trying to address is copyright protection, obviously this can't encompass every single facet and sound within accessible music that would be impossible, just guarding against the infringement of proprietary ownership and litigation.

  10. 1256366
    Unknown User : Sat 12th May 2018 : 4 years ago

    @Planetjazzbass You make a very great point! Music, just like any other form of the arts, has evolved. We all use aspects of the past to expand for greater horizons. Like I said in my original post, many "classic" hits are samples, interpolations, etc. You say that Looperman is a site of free creatives, and I get that, and if I offended anyone in my original post, I apologize for that. I was just discouraged because I thought I'd had finally found a website with musicians who were passionate about making great music! No creative restrictions. Just make amazing sounds for others to share and create their own projects. I'm not a multi-instrumentalist, I don't own thousands of dollars of equipment or vsts. But I know my favorite music catalogs, and musicians that inspire me. So I may chop here, take a note there, and manipulate it, and turn it into something you've never heard before! I'm going to give credit because those are my inspirations, I'm no thief! But even if you give credit to the master track, Looperman will just flag it up, no matter how good it sounds, no matter how different it sounds from the original take. A lot of producers who come on this website are going to sample regardless if they get a loop from here, or Splice, Samplephonics, whoever! And my apologizes, the old account isn't a membership account. I was wrong about that. That was an account I used to download loops before I had any DAW software, equipment, etc. I was just upset that the restrictions on here were kind of, well... ridiculous.

  11. 1
    Looperman : Sat 12th May 2018 : 4 years ago

    Our terms are there to protect our users and by making an account you agreed to be bound by them.

    No matter how you look at it sampling is a breach of copyright if done so without a valid licence and in the case that you do have a valid licence it would not be transferable.

    Yes, sampling is rife and an integral part of music these days which in my opinion is a good thing. That does not mean though that we can allow users to share other peoples copyright works as its against the law. I understand your frustration but thats just the way it is.

    If you read the terms of the sample packs that you talk about they will almost definitely contain a clause that restricts you from redistribution and in some case restrictions on commercial use.

    If you feel strongly that I am wrong then by all means set up your run a site yourself and deal with the fallout. Im sure it would be popular but not worth the headache :)

    Regards your account i can see you have two and we can get that dealt with for you no problem. Ill drop you an email with info on how we can sort that.

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