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Licensing Music To Individual Youtubers Help Requested

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  1. 2163911
    Allochtune : Wed 25th Apr 2018 : 10 months ago

    Hello everyone,

    I haven't been that active on looperman lately, but I have finished my first album thanks to my humble beginnings on looperman.

    I have been faced with an interesting conundrum: my first opportunity to make money of my music. I have made a Bandcamp page, but I have just gotten 8 free downloads to this point. My Youtube page is a different story. I have gained 24 lovely and supportive subscribers and 2 requests from Youtubers to use my music.

    One of them is a gaming channel with questionable content in regards to CS:GO, but actually seems to be interested in licensing the music for money (as he also has a Twitch page). The other wants to use my music for an artistic purpose, under a timelapse. This person says that he will 'contribute' to the album.

    Can you help me with how to deal with this? I do have legal experience as I am studying copyright law, but I have no idea how much to charge and whether it is even a good idea to get my music associated with questionable content.

    Thanks for reading and I am looking forward to your responses.

  2. 1962250
    eggs0ntoast : Fri 27th Apr 2018 : 10 months ago

    bro i dont fully comprehend all that right now but people i know streaming on major platforms and that are making money and working for it recomend this mani read it and will join just am really nowhere atthe moment in terms of goals or anything besides a bunch of crap going down lawyers n insurance companies and all that ....... but do read this man 100%

Posts 1 - 2 of 2

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