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Finally Got Some Music Videos Worth Sharing Looking For Feedback

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    flonut7 : Thu 19th Apr 2018 : 11 months ago

    I have been making music with my partner Xela for almost five years now, and this year we both decided that to get to the next level in this game we absolutely must start putting out music videos with our songs. Its been a tough transition for me learning a whole new form of creative media production but i can say that after almost 6 months of working with final cut pro I am starting to get the hang of it ok. i hope.
    We have only put out a few videos so far, but i have several more that i am near finished with, and the quality is pretty good in my opinion. We don't have any fancy equipment and thus far i have shot our videos exclusively using an Iphone 7+, but it is pretty amazing what you can accomplish with even something as simple as iPhone camera. Our music is getting to the point where the fans are coming in nicely and a buzz has been building for a while now, so im trying my best to deliver video content that can match the song quality and would really like to hear what my fellow loopers think.
    Our group name is SoloCult and we make a sub genre of rap called SickHop. You can google SickHop if you want to find us that way but here is a link to some recent videos we put out. Got one more im about to drop maybe tomorrow or Friday also, so if anyone of you guys is interested in helping with a critique of this new unrealized video please leave your email in the comments and ill send over the current draft. Thanks in advance for taking the time to check this stuff out, i been a looper since day one and now that i am capable of making some dope shit i plan on giving back to the community for all the help i have gotten over the years.
    Peace song detox off our recent album song falling from a recent single this is our very first video and its pretty old but people seem to like it and it shows how far I've came with the video quality

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