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    SalveroBeats : Tue 10th Apr 2018 : 1 year ago

    can someone please tell me why logic pro x exports quieter than other songs on spotify, apple music, soundcloud, etc.?

    its super annoying and messes up the feel of my song. all help is appreciated.

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    EricMilligan : Tue 10th Apr 2018 : 1 year ago

    Hi, SalveroBeats. I use Logic Pro X. Probably best to work this out via direct email communication rather than on the forum. No reason in my view why Logic Pro necessarily produces bounces that have lower volume than you find on Spotify, etc. It's probably a question of the mastering effects that you are using on Logic's stereo output channels when you do the bounce. Generally, I don't go for maximum loudness. prefer to preserve dynamic range, but I guess it depends on the genre.

    My guess is that if you want your track to have an overall higher output level you need to apply a compressor (possibly band specific) with a fairly high compression level which will compress down the peaks and then allow you to increase the overall volume level using the compressor's make-up gain control. After the compressor, in the signal chain, insert a adaptive limiter and set it for 0 db. max level. If you go higher, you can get clipping.

    I also typically use a low cut filter, to chop off any frequencies below about 35 Hz. And then I often insert an EQ to gently boost mid-range frequencies. A

    All these effect plugins come with Logic.

    Play around with these tools and you should be able to get your bounced tracks up to the loudness level you want. If, not, try using one of the online mastering services such as LANDR (a Montreal-based service) or Cloudbounce. Output your track with a peak level of no more than -3db and upload it. These services offer different "intensity" levels for mastering, which basically determines the overall loudness of the track. More compression = louder.

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