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    Looperman : Tue 27th Mar 2018 : 4 months ago Hi all,

    just a quick heads up. Im always looking at ways to ensure the site runs as fast as possible and prevent any slow downs. For this reason Ive introduced a throttle on the number of downloads any one user can make over a certain period.

    99% of users will never see this in action but we do have a very small number of users who try and download as much as possible in very short periods of time. All that happens here is they take up too much resources and can cause a slow down for everyone.

    These users will now see a message telling them to slow down and try again later. Any blocks placed on downloads for that user will expire after a certain amount of time after which they can continue.

    Preliminary limits have been set and will be monitored so that i can find the level that effects only those who are pushing it.
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    crucethus : Wed 28th Mar 2018 : 4 months ago Very Nice, I applaud that!
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    zipbass : Wed 28th Mar 2018 : 4 months ago Good! I hope any bot can't download here ?
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    Looperman : Thu 29th Mar 2018 : 4 months ago This has now been running for over 24 hours and i can see that it effected less then 0.2% of everyone downloading so all good :-)
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    JosephFunk : Thu 29th Mar 2018 : 4 months ago Looperman, just to be clear, does the throttling affect people, who let's say, play my songs for instance one after another continuously?
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    Looperman : Thu 29th Mar 2018 : 4 months ago No joe, all it does is prevent people from downloading large amounts in short periods of time thus causing a bottleneck of resources and potentially slowing things down.
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    thelastmonte : Thu 29th Mar 2018 : 4 months ago I come in maybe twice a month and go through lots of loops at one time to see what I missed. I work out of town a lot and when I come back I go through a few weeks of loops in a day. The throttle cut me off. It'll take me an entire week of coming back day after day to get caught up now instead of just binging and going through 15 days of loops all at once. Is there a way around the throttle? If there was a pay side that gave you limitless access I'd subscribe.
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    TJG : Sat 31st Mar 2018 : 4 months ago Also curious if any thoughts/plans to have some kind of alternative to the throttling, whether it be a pay/membership or something like that.
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    TJG : Sat 31st Mar 2018 : 4 months ago If not, is there someway to mark a loop as a favorite or add to a wishlist, for coming back to later to download. That would work nicely I think
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    thelastmonte : Sun 1st Apr 2018 : 4 months ago It only took me 3 days to go through 30 pages. I can live with that.
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    AeoNine : Mon 2nd Apr 2018 : 4 months ago This throttle is brutal, maybe raise the cap a little bit or something? Not an altogether removal but maybe some kind of slack, I run a 150mb connection and it takes me all of 15 seconds to get locked out.
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    SadGhoster87 : Sun 29th Apr 2018 : 3 months ago How much is the throttle? That's the important information.
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    traz75 : Sat 5th May 2018 : 3 months ago As maybe the biggest downloader of the site (downloaded 30K+ loops in the past years), it's serious on me. :)

    Looks like the limit is 150 loops (costs 20 mins to me). "Sorry, download limit reached. Try again in 24 hours"

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