Added Throttle On Downloads

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    Looperman : Tue 27th Mar 2018 : 4 years ago

    Hi all,

    just a quick heads up. Im always looking at ways to ensure the site runs as fast as possible and prevent any slow downs. For this reason Ive introduced a throttle on the number of downloads any one user can make over a certain period.

    99% of users will never see this in action but we do have a very small number of users who try and download as much as possible in very short periods of time. All that happens here is they take up too much resources and can cause a slow down for everyone.

    These users will now see a message telling them to slow down and try again later. Any blocks placed on downloads for that user will expire after a certain amount of time after which they can continue.

    Preliminary limits have been set and will be monitored so that i can find the level that effects only those who are pushing it.

  2. 851137
    crucethus : Wed 28th Mar 2018 : 4 years ago

    Very Nice, I applaud that!

  3. 920952
    zipbass : Wed 28th Mar 2018 : 4 years ago

    Good! I hope any bot can't download here ?

  4. 1
    Looperman : Thu 29th Mar 2018 : 4 years ago

    This has now been running for over 24 hours and i can see that it effected less then 0.2% of everyone downloading so all good :-)

  5. 630386
    JoeFunktastic : Thu 29th Mar 2018 : 4 years ago

    Looperman, just to be clear, does the throttling affect people, who let's say, play my songs for instance one after another continuously?

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    Looperman : Thu 29th Mar 2018 : 4 years ago

    No joe, all it does is prevent people from downloading large amounts in short periods of time thus causing a bottleneck of resources and potentially slowing things down.

  7. 1910858
    thelastmonte : Thu 29th Mar 2018 : 4 years ago

    I come in maybe twice a month and go through lots of loops at one time to see what I missed. I work out of town a lot and when I come back I go through a few weeks of loops in a day. The throttle cut me off. It'll take me an entire week of coming back day after day to get caught up now instead of just binging and going through 15 days of loops all at once. Is there a way around the throttle? If there was a pay side that gave you limitless access I'd subscribe.

  8. 494061
    WatchWoods : Sat 31st Mar 2018 : 4 years ago

    Also curious if any thoughts/plans to have some kind of alternative to the throttling, whether it be a pay/membership or something like that.

  9. 494061
    WatchWoods : Sat 31st Mar 2018 : 4 years ago

    If not, is there someway to mark a loop as a favorite or add to a wishlist, for coming back to later to download. That would work nicely I think

  10. 1910858
    thelastmonte : Sun 1st Apr 2018 : 4 years ago

    It only took me 3 days to go through 30 pages. I can live with that.

  11. 610939
    AeoNine : Mon 2nd Apr 2018 : 4 years ago

    This throttle is brutal, maybe raise the cap a little bit or something? Not an altogether removal but maybe some kind of slack, I run a 150mb connection and it takes me all of 15 seconds to get locked out.

  12. 1819633
    acesmith : Sun 29th Apr 2018 : 4 years ago

    How much is the throttle? That's the important information.

  13. 1121110
    traz75 : Sat 5th May 2018 : 4 years ago

    As maybe the biggest downloader of the site (downloaded 30K+ loops in the past years), it's serious on me. :)

    Looks like the limit is 150 loops (costs 20 mins to me). "Sorry, download limit reached. Try again in 24 hours"


  14. 1250729
    Paganini : Sun 26th Aug 2018 : 3 years ago

    @AeoNine slow down, I guess.

    Why would you download more than 150 loops a day anyway.

  15. 1905832
    JetFly : Thu 30th Aug 2018 : 3 years ago

    Why not just temporarily limit bandwidth instead of restricting?

  16. 1547231
    Lek : Thu 30th Aug 2018 : 3 years ago

    That's just another method of restriction so it doesn't make much difference in the grand scheme of things. If anyone is attempting to download more than 150 loops a day, I suspect they are merely collecting loops rather than actually using them and probably trying to sell them on as loop packs I wouldn't be surprised.

  17. 1115991
    Unknown User : Thu 30th Aug 2018 : 3 years ago

    So, good thing!
    @DrumBox: Like Lemon said: sell 'em packed, making a specific Sample collection sorted by uploader name, producing 24/7...etc. But, I bet on the first option, too.

  18. 2840172
    Gu4rd14Nangel : Thu 6th Sep 2018 : 3 years ago

    I uploaded my first loop and i was'nt excpecting 20 downloads after 2 hours and i feel like those downloads are not real is it becuase of this or not?

  19. 2800393
    black808 : Thu 20th Sep 2018 : 3 years ago


    20 downloads seems about right, i usually get between 10 and 70 downloads within two hours depending on time etc.

  20. 1547231
    Lek : Thu 20th Sep 2018 : 3 years ago

    Yeah but I think Gu4rd14Nangel's point is how many of those downloads are by people actually intending to use the loops. I still think a lot of these people are trying to sell them on. I notice that the number of comments you receive is a tiny fraction (way under 1%) of the number of downloads. I know not everyone is going to come up with something with the loop but you'd think it'd be a higher percentage than that surely? I would think that most of the people who do produce something will post a link just to promote their work if nothing else.

  21. 2800393
    black808 : Thu 20th Sep 2018 : 3 years ago

    Yeah actually that makes sense. People can download loops and resell them in a loop pack, and because we have uploaded to this site it is our responsibility to ensure there are no copyright issues or anything. Although they are royalty free i think there should be some form of code embedded into the metadata of the tack when it is uploaded to looperman which could prove if something is downloaded and resold

  22. 3285817
    corruptzero : Sun 10th May 2020 : 2 years ago

    why me? why i can't download?i'm not bot or anything im just doing beats

  23. 1074070
    Unknown User : Sat 1st Aug 2020 : 1 year ago

    Great way to slow down crate diggers not interested in promoting the website or artists/producer and the LM itself ... maybe introduce compulsory submit 3 x songs to have 1 song available for playback or submit 3 x loops/acapellas before having 1 allowed to be shown for download....for 1 its builds up the LM libruary and stocks and 2. it will help curve ip snatchers considering theres so many videos on youtube on how to get beats and loops on LM plus some think songs are free reign.

    Personally i'd rather pay a $5 monthly subscription and be gone with the advertisements that slow the site down with too many iframes leaving this website open for any adware or virus to enter and this would curve the potentially fake ip thieves.

    Even $2.50 per month i think most fulltime users would be fine with...or do a premium $5.00 per month for unlimited downloads of acapella/loops food for thought i know alot of people would be pissed at this statement... but in the end its to protect their IP and get rids of advertising period.



  24. 1074070
    Unknown User : Sat 1st Aug 2020 : 1 year ago

    Forgot to mention...doing it the way i mentioned would actually be a win, win for everyone because with that monthly or even yearly $89 fee ... this website could be redeveloped to be way more interactive with more content, more genres, looperman charts, looperman radio stations, theres so much more this website could have making it THE PREMIUM WEBSITE FOR ARTIST PRODUCERS to interact including collab realtime pages

    Food for thought...but LM needs to seriously moving forward with the producers and artists otherwise like soundcloud it will drop right off apart from the core members

  25. 1564425
    Rasputin : Wed 5th Aug 2020 : 1 year ago

    Wouldn't it be fun to get a nickel ($0.05 US) for every download people did? haha

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