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Giving Credit For Looperman Loops

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  1. 2276282
    neuromancer56 : Tue 27th Feb 2018 : 9 months ago

    I created a track on a music collaboration site using looperman loops. On that site they have a space where you give credit for derivative works used. You specify "Title of work", "Permission" (CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, CC-BY-NC, Public Domain, Copyrighted work used with permission).
    what Permission/Copyright should I choose?
    You also specify "Attribute work to" - enter name or entity. "Website", and "Source Work URL" (provide website link to original work/recording). So do I need to create and entry for each loop and give credit for each loop to each loop creator, or just create 1 entry an reference Per looperman's terms: " Should you use loops within media uploaded to sites such as youtube, soundcloud etc you must make it known in the description of your uploads that you used content from"

  2. 630386
    JosephFunk : Tue 27th Feb 2018 : 9 months ago

    To answer your specific questions: is the only legal license that matters here. Since loops here are licensed as Royalty-Free that falls under Public Domain. You cannot re-license the loops as Creative Commons because you must be the content creator to do that. But you can license your project with the least restrictive Creative Commons license (CC-BY) to establish the fact that you arranged those loops and mixed them uniquely in your song. Once you license something as Creative Commons, legally you cannot revoke that Creative Commons license. So choose Public Domain(Royalty-Free) to be safe on that other site. If they require you to Attribute derivative works, then each loop creator and their loop name must be written in the appropriate location area. the site did not make that loop, an actual person did and that is what the other website wants to know that possibly for legal reasons. Always follow the posting rules of other sites because they can ban or flag you for violating their rules. Good Luck!

  3. 2276282
    neuromancer56 : Wed 28th Feb 2018 : 9 months ago

    Thanks Joe that was a huge help. I also asked the admin of the site ( to provide clarity and he said:
    From their (Loopermans) text, it would seem like a single reference to their site would suffice. 100 percent certainty might only be gleaned by contacting them and asking, but I would assume a single link should meet their criteria.

    So what Procollabs are saying is that they allow you to enter as much information about derivative work as you are required to by the loop providers, but you only have to meet the provider of those loops requirements are. It sounds like the loop makers on Looperman do not have a requirement to attribute them, and that Looperman has a requirement that loop users mention that they used loops from Looperman, but not that they have to attribute the individual loop creators.

  4. 630386
    JosephFunk : Wed 28th Feb 2018 : 9 months ago

    Sure pal. And BTW, sticking with the topic of Royalty-Free(aka Public Domain)loops, Attribute derivative works declarations on Royalty-Free(Public Domain) loops from this site are not required on sites such as Youtube, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, Spotify and so on. But this does not apply to Acapellas. You must give credit everywhere you use acapellas from this site to also include getting permission to use the acapella from this site if you plan to use that acapella for commercial purposes.

    Back to loops, you can place Attribute derivative works declarations on the sites I mentioned earlier as a courtesy but none of those sites I mentioned have a written mandate or mechanical feature demanding Attribute derivative works declarations on sites such as those I mentioned. Once in a while, I often get people asking me for permission to use my loops. What? I try to explain to them that I freely let this loop go as royalty-free material and gave it to the public domain in accordance with the Looperman royalty-free license. I can no longer make any legal claims to my loops I freely uploaded them and gave them away unconditionally. So all I can ever expect is a courtesy mention but that is not required by law. As I mentioned earlier if your other sites ask for Attribute derivative works declarations as a requirement to post on their site, you should comply if you wish to post on their site. Good Luck!

  5. 2595940
    SoberBaker : Sun 25th Mar 2018 : 8 months ago

    Hey. To add on to this topic, if a website asks for the first name of the person who created the loop that was used, will the username of the creator suffice? What if you can't find out their first name?

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