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Anybody Who Wants To Remix One Of My Songs

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  1. 2294357
    pyrosanx : Tue 20th Feb 2018 : 3 years ago

    looking for someone who is interested in remixing one of my songs, i love to see people who create something new with them and seeing the way they come out

    ig: aestheticvibeys

  2. 2395177
    downhill : Fri 6th Apr 2018 : 3 years ago

    can i get stems?

  3. 2399306
    Unknown User : Fri 6th Apr 2018 : 3 years ago

    Me. I recently remixed track for Robert o connor "you found me". Crossed 1700 streams. If interested to send me stems , please mail them in . my Soundcloud is

  4. 2393111
    FrashMex : Fri 6th Apr 2018 : 3 years ago

    Hi there, I already made something in kind of a glitchy hip hop-style out of "oops" really quick and would like to share it with you, you could then tell me if you like the whole idea.
    So if you're interested, just contact me on email or on soundcloud :)

    PS: Also you've got a really beutiful voice ;)

  5. 2397540
    Goldrank : Fri 6th Apr 2018 : 3 years ago

    I would love to. You are a great singer!

  6. 1
    Looperman : Sat 7th Apr 2018 : 3 years ago

    Allow other members to remix your tracks by posting a link to your source files and stems.
    Please read this thread before posting here -

  7. 2395177
    downhill : Sat 7th Apr 2018 : 3 years ago

    im already working on a remix of oops ill tell you when im done :)

  8. 2395177
  9. 2393111
    FrashMex : Sun 8th Apr 2018 : 3 years ago

    Ok, I guess I'm just putting my take on oops out here then too:

    Let me know what you think of it :)
    Also thank you for posting the remix request, it was very fun doing the remix!

  10. 2201803
    MtDrei : Sun 15th Apr 2018 : 3 years ago

    just a quick flip I decided to make. thank you for the inspiration, and the sample!

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