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Looking For Producers With Some Fresh Ideas For My New Track

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  1. 2393111
    FrashMex : Thu 8th Feb 2018 : 1 year ago

    Hi there! I am a hobbywise music producer/beatmaker and mostly do a lot of hip hop beats, but lately also tried myself out on some other stuff. So here's my point:
    A few weeks ago I started making a beat inspired by Post Malone's track "Tear$". I came up with something that I actually really like, but I feel it still could be improved alot and could use some fresh ideas or some different instruments here and there. I already have a chord progression(it's just the one from Tear$ though so that's one thing I'd like to make a change to), multiple drum patterns, some melodic and "filler" stuff and also thought of a nice little twist to it ;)
    And also the structure of the song is pretty much already done, but I'm always open for new ideas. So I basically just want to spice it up some more and make it sound even more unique. Maybe even with some accoustic guitar loops or so, so if you can do something like that, feel free to respond. I work in FL Studio so if you'd like to work with me, it would be really useful if you also have FL.
    Here's an example of one of my latest tracks: . This beat follows "about the same idea" as the beat I want to collab on. Or you could probably say I used a lot of the same techniques in both of them. But I'm actually quite open minded about what to collaborate on, so if you have some cool idea yourself just tell me that too. Or if you just want to give me some feedback, ofcourse you're also welcome.

    So if you're interested in collabing, comment on this, or even better just hit me up at:

    I'll send you the project/beat then.

  2. 2163548
    Chwyyy : Mon 12th Feb 2018 : 1 year ago

    Ayeee I hella fw it bro! Love that funky vibe but the low end of the mix sounded a bit crowded/overpopulated, making it hard to distinguish the different sounds. Not 100 percent sure but it might be the 808s that are masking the other low's. Other than the mixing, it was fire, I was feelin the whole groove of the song, props.

    P.S. I haven't heard Tears from Post Malone (not a fan of him lol) so im not sure how your beat compares to his but yeah it was dope tho.

  3. 2393111
    FrashMex : Tue 13th Feb 2018 : 1 year ago

    Wow dude thank you so much, to hear that someone enjoys my music really motivates me to do more! Also much thanks for pointing out that low frequency stuff. I might do a new version of the beat some day and the try to fix it :) But I'm still learning about mixing and mastering.
    Oh and also this one is actually not really directly inspired by Post Malone, maybe I just didn't make it that clear with what I wrote :D

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