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Vocal And Lyrics Challenge Lol

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    Sasu74 : Thu 8th Feb 2018 : 1 year ago

    Okay peoples....experiment time....lets take a risk!

    Anyone want to make lyrics and sing this song?

    Style of the song is somekind of pop/rock/classical hybrid. Time is 3/4,so its a waltz basically.Tempo is the default 120 bpm

    Vocal melody is free,topic of the lyrics is free too.Male and femals vocals are accepted.If you can squeeze in hip hop style somehow,go ahead.

    If you decide to try this,try to make the vocal quality as good as possible.Convert the finished vocal file here as mp3 so i can just quickly try it out.
    Upload the dry version,even if you monitor yourself with effects when u record it.

    I just wanted to make this experiment,since i dont know what to do with this song :D

    Okay thats all......have fun guys and gals.

    Message me if you want to know something more.


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