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  1. 2476542
    Unknown User : Thu 8th Feb 2018 : 10 months ago

    I had someone say they thought i could go far in what i do on soundcloud. i just need more peoples opinions, and i will do the math and see if people actually like what i do.

    My SoundCloud:

  2. 851137
    crucethus : Thu 8th Feb 2018 : 10 months ago

    Heres my opinion... post it here on looperman while you listen to some tracks and comment here as well and I will listen to it.,..gladly, otherwise, good luck getting me (or many of us) to click on sound cloud from your shameless promotional attempt.

  3. 630386
    JosephFunk : Thu 8th Feb 2018 : 10 months ago

    The plain simple truth. The market is overly saturated with music and sounds. And a lot of it out there is pretty awful. Now enters you. I have not reviewed your music so I judge you not. But get ready because there is a vast sea of music out there today where potentially good songs can and will never be heard by the vast majority of music lovers. No matter what site you post your music on, it will not change much for you. Getting your body physically out there and making new friends, actively promoting yourself, creating a website presence, performing live when and wherever possible like in the good old days is still applicable. Not bashing SoundCloud, but placing a song on any site and hoping it will be played by thousands instantly, well keep on dreaming. You still have to promote yourself to get lots of plays, reposts, and followers. Don't hold your breath. Good old fashion promoting, knocking on doors, writing letters, meeting new people and hard work still applies here more than ever.

  4. 293573
    Spudsy : Thu 8th Feb 2018 : 10 months ago

    Best producer ever. No one or nothing will hold you back. Reach for the stars. You cannot fail. Etc......

  5. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Thu 8th Feb 2018 : 10 months ago

    Hey Fledgling I just listened to some of your tracks on Soundcloud..I usually find self promotional soundcloud spammers deplorable so this is a first and something I usually never ever do!!!!..I have a question though, something doesn't add up between your bio and the spoken word lyrics on your beats, the vocals sound exactly like text to speech generated software in use, while your bio sounds like your typical urban attitude at work, mind you the text to speech sounds way more articulate than the descriptive language on your profile..I suggest you use a portable text to speech device hung around your neck 24/7 so there's continuity in your projected character and the way you communicate with people...I think you could actually be a big hit in Japan or at the very least a successful valet at science fairs.

  6. 2476542
    Unknown User : Thu 8th Feb 2018 : 10 months ago

    thats the thing, self promotion is cringy.

  7. 2476542
    Unknown User : Thu 8th Feb 2018 : 10 months ago

    thanks for the feedback. now i know what people think of me. :)

  8. 293573
    Spudsy : Thu 8th Feb 2018 : 10 months ago

    The thing about self promotion is that you have to do it to get anywhere. No one will hand you anything, life isn't a spectators sport.

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