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    noahsoerensen : Wed 7th Feb 2018 : 11 months ago

    My other message somehow got deleted so here it is again:

    Hi, I need collaborators for my new project; a Lo-Fi exclusive release network. This is gonna be a place where you can submit your tracks and if we like it you can get an exclusive release through our SoundCloud and YouTube.

    I need collaborators who within 7 days can do their respective jobs. Some of the jobs could be:

    RECRUITER (1-3): Finds songs and interesting artists. Has a good ear for Lo-Fi and knows how to communicate/write. (1 found)

    DESIGNER: Make artwork, logos, banners and other photobased stuff. Knows how to draw and design. Uses an professional program like PhotoShop.

    VIDEO-EDITOR: Makes YouTube-videos, promoting-videos and other things with moving images. Knows how to produce good looking videos and has a professional program like Final Cut Pro. Note: if you wanna be both DESIGNER and VIDEO-EDITOR we can find it out.

    You can read more about this here:

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