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Looking For Artists

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  1. 2301941
    Wolvi : Sun 4th Feb 2018 : 11 months ago

    Hello looperman, im an young producer (started like 7-8 months ago) who is trying to get some recognize to his work, I ve been improving my techniques and i could say that now i can make a nice, good beat and i would like to collab with someone (rapper), but i would like to take this serious because some time ago i started a post like this and ive got people who were sending me emails then they would not repond back so i dont need that kind of artists, and another requirement it would be to have a good mic and maybe a good flow so we could make something good.
    Im not so known so, im really starting from the bottom
    Ill let you my soundcloud here so you can see my work

  2. 2344357
    pilottrace : Sun 4th Feb 2018 : 11 months ago

    you have some pretty listenable stuff, i suggest posting the links to these on other sites to get your tracks those sweet, juicy virtual clicks from all types of internet rappers that are out here in this very world

  3. 2301941
    Wolvi : Sun 4th Feb 2018 : 11 months ago

    thanks for your response man, i will see what i can do and how i can expose my beats, thanks again

  4. 2163548
    Chwyyy : Mon 12th Feb 2018 : 11 months ago

    Ayeee some dope tracks mane! As a producer, I found myself slowly starting to venture away from making super heavy 808-trap beats but I still love and appreciate the genre of production as a listener. Those bouncing 808s! They will always bring a lot of energy/hype with them when done right, and you definitely got that metro/808mafia type sound on lock bro, sh*t is maadd proper.

  5. 2258093
    themusicvii : Mon 12th Feb 2018 : 11 months ago

    Hey, I'm an artist and producer. And I'm looking for unique beats. If you got anything that you think I can jump on, message me.

    Check out some of my work:

Posts 1 - 5 of 5

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