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Looking For Help On My Tracks

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    Safino : Tue 16th Jan 2018 : 1 year ago

    I'm using FLStudio since 2 years now and the only thing I can make is a melody with the piano or mix up some instruments. However, I got the feeling that my soundtracks could sound waaaay better if someone with more experience and knowledge would improve the tracks. Until now I got dozens of soundtracks which have a nice melody, but they still don't sound "professional" enough in my opinion.
    Only two of them are shared here right now. But even them are not 100% satisfying.

    Would someone willing to help me out with some tracks? I would send you the full mid.file and you could play arround with the melody, edit instruments or generally make it sound more appealing. If I like what you made out of it, I would be willing to give you credits if I upload the song on youtube.

    The first track which I have in mind:

    If you are interested message me:

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