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    YourzTruLee : Thu 11th Jan 2018 : 1 year ago

    Hey LooperFam!!
    As I was mentioning in my last forum beat release, I am completely ecstatic about it. First was the amazing yet monopolized "rack extensions" which was kind of lame to have to buy exclusively for reason and no other DAWS, but with the release of 10, making reason compatible with most vsts, has completely changed the game.
    I kind of went HAM on software over the holidays with the ridiculous sales waves and propellerhead were having, so the arsonal is taking shape quite nicely, but was curious, if you are a reason user and have made the jump to 10, what are you're go to plug-in for both composition and mixing?

    Much love, I could talk about this DAW for days lol, so if you are an avid reason user, I would love to hear about what tricks or additions to the program have affected you're production positively! Thanks in advance!!!


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