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Homage To PlanetJazzBass

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    crucethus : Mon 1st Jan 2018 : 1 year ago

    So in my fourth installment of honoring the loopmakers of this site, I chose our fav. Aussie loop master PlanetJazzBass.
    Known for his old-man get off of my lawn you hip hop kids mentality in the forums, what he has always been trying to say, is he hates the mediocrity and drudgery of the same sounds over and over again. Where is the creativity man!!!!
    Well use some of his loops and you will find creativity and thought all over them. Complex and eclectic they are not easy to use for the faint of heart. In this Homage I use them in many different genre facets, even going a-tonal in one section. He is a credit to this site, and when you ask him for advice or musical knowledge, he is the first one to take the time to explain it to you and help you on your musical journey. January...a new year and a salute to a mainstay of looperman.


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