Singer Looking For Lo-fi And Experimental Producers

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  1. 2056695
    paulfoltz : Sun 31st Dec 2017 : 3 weeks ago Hey, I'm looking to sing over some Lo Fi and experimental beats. Any producers interested in making some songs with me, send me a message or email me @

    The style of music I'm interested in making:
    (Artist: James Blake)

    Minimalistic, beautiful beats with experimental vocals

    If you'd like to hear some of my past work send me a message, and I'll give you a link.

  2. 174317
    smallpaul : Sun 31st Dec 2017 : 3 weeks ago What an amazing sound you truly have great talent my friend.
  3. 2056695
    paulfoltz : Sun 31st Dec 2017 : 3 weeks ago That's not me in the link, that was an example of the genre of music I'm talking about making. Sorry if this confused anyone.
  4. 2200917
    Tmanpro : Sun 31st Dec 2017 : 3 weeks ago Yoo I saw James Blake live in Santa Barbra it was awesome.
    Here's a LoFi beat I made but if you're looking for something more simple that shouldn't be a problem
  5. 2200917
  6. 2310068
    slone1 : Mon 1st Jan 2018 : 3 weeks ago hey I'm down, but I'll have you know that I am not traditional lofi hip hop.

    hmu if your down:
  7. 174317
    smallpaul : Mon 1st Jan 2018 : 2 weeks ago Anyone have James Blakes number? Ha ha
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