Yamaha RX5 Drum Machine

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    Planetjazzbass : Sun 17th Dec 2017 : 3 years ago

    I've used them in the past and I quite like them in a Fritz Langian sort of way, long story short..bought a Yamaha RX5 (circa 1980's) recently for $250, this thing is uber cool, big layout, has functions coming out of it's circuit board's subconsciousness and considering you'd be laying down $Thousands for a Roland TR-808 which doesn't appreciably do things any better it's a no brainer, anyone here had any experience with them?.

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    Spivkurl : Mon 18th Dec 2017 : 3 years ago

    The manipulation of sounds and the individual outs make this seem like a very useful machine! Definitely a wildly huge improvement over the RX-21 that I have. The 21 was grabbed mostly for a future modification/bending project, but was also only like $40 as opposed to the $250 you paid. Probably well worth the price!

  3. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Mon 18th Dec 2017 : 3 years ago

    Hey Pat..thought you might be interested in this, came across it while researching this machine before I purchased it
    you could do it no problem but way out of my electronic league!..Yeah the 12 added individual outs in conjunction with the normal stereo outs are a really great feature, been tweaking some sounds and they sound great so far.

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    Spivkurl : Tue 19th Dec 2017 : 3 years ago

    That looks like a nice modification for sure! The D-sub thing is pretty useful for bending, and it's what I used for my modification to the Korg DW-6000. As usual my array of interests and chores is outpacing my dedication to bending, so I haven't been in the lab lately.

    That RX-5 has got to be one of the most full featured of the vintage yamaha drum machines. Looking forward to hearing what you do with it!

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