Looking For A Female Vocalist

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  1. 2427564
    FlipTrackz : Sun 10th Dec 2017 : 10 months ago Hello, I've recently started working on my debut EP and I would love the opportunity to collaborate with another artist for a song. The general vibe of the EP is very chilled out, definitely more in the lo-fi hip hop realm.

    Here's links to two songs on the EP just for a general feel of the vibe (just instrumentals, I'm adding my vocals later)



    Ideally, I would like to write and produce the song together. I have no preference for a specific vocal style so if you're interested you can DM me through Soundcloud


    Thanks again!
  2. 2254348
    gracedeangotcha : Sun 10th Dec 2017 : 10 months ago really into these, i just gave you a follow! my music is on my page if you're interested :)
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