Underrated Rappers Wanted For Emotional Rap

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  1. 1772023
    belac22 : Wed 6th Dec 2017 : 10 months ago I'm trying to show that there is still talent left in the rap community by getting a whole bunch of rappers and making an emotional rap about how the new "rap" isn't rap and is slowing the game down. The beat is 176 bpm. Feel free to use a metronome or a beat of your choice to keep time, but send in an acapella. Also feel free to do half time or double time. When sending in your acapella file, also send in a document file of your lyrics. You can rap 4 lines, or 16, but keep in mind I may just have to cut some of it out. And please keep the raps clean seeing as I'm wanting to show the talent. Please send in submissions to

    P.S tell me your artist name or say it in your part as a hype up so I can credit you!
  2. 2425656
    ArthurUKU : Thu 7th Dec 2017 : 10 months ago Define talent?
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