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    esygno : Mon 20th Nov 2017 : 11 months ago I am stuck at this point with no motivation to make music and having difficulty coming up with new ideas. So, if there is any producer who wants to collab. Hit me up with your soundcloud ID.

  2. 630386
    Unknown User : Mon 20th Nov 2017 : 11 months ago I think then you should take some time off from this music thing you are doing. Really, just walk away for a while but then come back. I walk away often but I always come back better than I was prior with new ideas and abilities. I would read e-books or watch educational material during some of that time and also I would reconnect up with family and old friends. I would also explore other non-music interests I have but not necessarily in that order.

    Imagine telling a perspective employer you have "no motivation." He/She will smile and happily show you the door quickly once the obligatory interview formalities are done. So what people will deduce here from your post is, they will have to carry you through the entire collab, oh joy! Others will use this as an opportunity to post their SC account details, killjoys! Take a break from all of this, at least two weeks or more to decompress so you can then build up some motivation during that time. The goal is to come back better and stronger like a raging BULL that people would want to collab with and not carry. Good Luck!
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