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    mellieparker : Sun 19th Nov 2017 : 11 months ago Hey guys, again my friend Jermare Harrison is looking for a real producer to work with on a long term basis. He's basically looking for his David Foster or Walter Afanasieff. He's a singer-songwriter that has 3 original songs distributed worldwide. I'd describe him as a pop/adult contemporary & a R&B type of singer and writer. He's a fan of real singing and music with meaning. He's a big fan of the 80s/90s sounds and power ballads, (think the male version of Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Vanessa Williams). Or even George Michael and Luther Vandross. Michael Jackson of course is also a major influence. But he's also with the pop/edm-trap sounds of today. Google him and you'll find any of his work. If you choose to work with him, your production will be added to his official discography and will be released worldwide with the appropriate credits. The artists mentioned are the artists that he's inspired by. He doesn't sound like anybody but Jermare Harrison. He's just inspired by their artistry and type of music.
    If interested:
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