How Should I Share MIDI Files - Live Pack Sharing Question Also

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    NF2K : Thu 16th Nov 2017 : 11 months ago I went through my uploaded loops last night and added links for the MIDI, Ableton Live Clips, and FST (patch/preset files) in their descriptions, because people often seem to ask for the midi for loops. However it's seems links are not supposed to be posted in the description of loops according to the upload rules. Is the alternative to share them on a per-request basis as a comment reply?

    Also one of my loops has been further blocked because I mention it was made using an Ableton Live Pack ("Samplification"). Although the samples from the Pack aren't included in my links at all, the device chain settings would be i.e. the sampler loop points, filter cutoff frequency, etc. Is that information alone actually in breach of anything?
    To perhaps confuse the matter, the pack itself is free to download from Ableton's site, provided you have a license for Live.

    Thanks for any insight
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