If Anyone Needs A Vocalist

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  1. 2115544
    akiaclemente : Sat 11th Nov 2017 : 9 months ago Hey! If anyone needs a vocalist for their track, I'd love to give it a go. Here are some examples of my vocals (still trying to improve as a vocalist and lyricist):

  2. 2085356
    Smackinmanhattan : Sun 12th Nov 2017 : 9 months ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCzlNVJUxcg
    think you could you provide vocals for this? if so, thank you
  3. 2399306
    YOURBOYHS : Sun 12th Nov 2017 : 9 months ago hey man. i am looking for a lyricist and vocalist. please mail me if interested. but, i request you not to copy my music when i send you a sample. thanks.
  4. 2276282
    neuromancer56 : Sun 12th Nov 2017 : 9 months ago Definitely would be interested in collaborating with you. Love your soulful vocals. You can check out my tracks on this site.
  5. 2218629
    JayDoubleyou : Tue 14th Nov 2017 : 9 months ago Yo, are u into hiphop/trap man? x)

    Would love to hear someone on this beat

    But feel free to hear my stuff, we can do all of them!
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