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    crucethus : Sat 11th Nov 2017 : 11 months ago Hey guys. I am doing this little side project of making a tune in homage of some of the best looperman loop contributors to the site that have influenced me or encouraged myself. Last Month it was Tumbleweed. This month I would like to give a shout out to the great Joe Funktastic. When I first joined he was one of the first to give me feedback on ,my songs using loops. so here is a nice tune that incorporates some of Joe's sound and my compositional style. Unusually for myself it came out very positive, just like Joe.
    Let us know what you think ehh?
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    Tumbleweed : Sat 11th Nov 2017 : 11 months ago A most honourable concept Steve....and there is no finer subject than our friend Joe. ..Generous is proving high quality loops, well-informed advice, help for others in willingly sharing his depth of knowledge in music and production technology, and constructive always in his forum participation. There are many here on LM who give themselves various titles that imply some role in music production, but Joe is one of the true musicians, composers, engineers and producers around....Thank you Steve...and now I must head over to your place for a listen.....Ed
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    jamid : Sun 12th Nov 2017 : 11 months ago First of all, I like to commend you for your good intention Steve,
    Unfortunately, I do not know the man I wish I did.
    But, if he is anything like Ed I will take my hat off to him.
    In my view, this is a very admirable job you’ve doing my friend my hat off to you too.
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    RenzWilde : Sun 12th Nov 2017 : 11 months ago Joe is a legend on this site.

    3 artists here on looperman influenced and encouraged me when i joined over 3 yrs ago - Spivkurl, crucethus and Joe Funktastic. Some early words of positive vibes is all it takes to give a new producer some confidence to keep at it. All 3 of the guys i mentioned did that for me. They probably didnt know that but they might now, lol

    I took one of Joe's funkalicous tracks and just had to remix it. That was just over 3 yrs ago . I had a blast working with such a cool track but the best part was having Joe himself have a listen and give it the thumbs up.

    Have a listen here if you dare!
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    Neomorpheus : Mon 13th Nov 2017 : 11 months ago I dig it Cru ! Funktastic idea and Joe is such a deserving candidate for this type of recognition. I think it would be fun for a few more of us to step up to the plate here and contribute some tracks as well using The Man from Funkle's loops ! I know I have used a few in the past on some of my early tracks but I intend to try working up something new here for the Funk of it. I remember when I first discovered Looperman I was especially impressed with Joes music. Believe it or not, when I was in school studying music I became very fond of the Motown sounds and was nuts about the early funk bands. Upon seeing Joes avatar (at the time) that depicted the guy with the huge fro' and big glasses I pictured Joe as this tall slim Sly Stone lookin cat. And since he was really dishin' out some serious funk tracks and loops, it was really cool to imagine this character, still keeping that time period alive by looking the part and crankin' out some righteous tunes ! He really was a large part of my initial fascination with Looperman which helped in grabbing my interest of which has yet to wane. So yeah, a big thanks to Joe for all he has contributed to this place and to many of us personally, who have benefitted from his music and from his advice and support within the Forum regarding our music. AND of course for being one very cool mutha Funka!
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    Billydragon1 : Tue 14th Nov 2017 : 11 months ago Hi brother Cru.
    A great idea for paying homage and a good thread too. My top 3 loop influences from this site would be Danke, Minor2Go and of course brother Joe Funktastic.
    Without them, some of my poems/ideas will still be on the pages of my journal. Great souls that give and were more than willing to give feedbacks. Blessings to all. - B.

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    Neomorpheus : Sat 18th Nov 2017 : 11 months ago Ok, I could not pass on a chance to also give up something special on behalf of Joe. In going through the multitude of Joes most excellant contributions I came across this acoustic guitar loop which I'm not sure if its real guitar or done with his keyboard but it sure sounds great and I had to use it. If you have never been through Joes loop files you need to check it out. Its so amazing, theres stuff in there for every style you can imagine, the guys a BEAST !

    Here is my humble offering. Thanks Joe, your our bro with the fro whose one bad mofo when it comes to makin' cool music. And we love ya !!!

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    Unknown User : Wed 22nd Nov 2017 : 10 months ago I am truly humbled to say the least. I spoke to @Crucethus directly about his amazing selfless act of appreciation towards me and I am really not worthy of that. There is an amazingly long backstory to his efforts which he shared with me that had highs and lows and then highs again. It made for some really interestingly great and amazing reading. Wow!

    His song is spectacular beyond my words. You can tell he put a lot of effort into it. But the real heroes on this site are the truly amazing people who give here on this site day in and day out and not because they have to, its because they want to. Many of them give without ever receiving a thank you. But accolades and high praise is not what drives them. It feels right to give and to share ones talents with others. I am reminded of that from ancient readings of noble men and women who lived long ago. My thanks to @Crucethus for his amazing effort and his truly amazing act of generosity and kindness.

    Also special thanks to: Tumbleweed, Jamid, RenzWilde, Neomorpheus, and Billydragon! You and Crucethus will not be forgotten.

    Now, here is my greatest accomplishment:

    A snippet of what I plan for 2018:

    I think I got one more good high energy run left in the tank and then I am going to step aside. But then, after that........well we will see.

    Thanks Again,
    Joe Funk
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