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  1. 12665
    transparent : Mon 23rd Oct 2017 : 1 year ago

    What are some good phat hip hop drum kits?

    I am using reason 9.5.

  2. 630386
    JosephFunk : Mon 23rd Oct 2017 : 1 year ago

    Hey T,

    Quite honestly I think you are missing the entire point of having Reason. First, as far as I am concern, phat drum kits are not a real thing. A phat drum kit represents some other engineer painstakingly taking the time to edit, master, and improve the dynamic of each drum sample. Reason gives you the tools to phatten anything you want. I get it, you are operating from a steep learning curve. Drum kits in general are not exclusive to Reason. Any simple drum sample kit saved at 24bits/48khz will do but you can also use 44.1/16bit kits as well. It's what you do to it that matters here. You will need to examine and tailor the dynamics of each drum sample for each drum pad to your liking. Things to consider, a rattler, noise filter, parametric EQ, bus compression, a liniter, and a maximizer on some of the drum samples but not all of them and that's on the individual drum sample buses for starters. Be mindful not to over do or over process everything.

    Skipping ahead, parrallel compression and Final EQ on the master out, but use in very small increments to avoid a bassy mud soup. Use a visual analyzer to examine the peaks and sound frequency overlays and conflicts. The whole point of Reason is to give you more tools to sound design and less dependency on prefab kits and presets. I did all the phattening in this video in the expanded panel in Kong and the Mastering Bus Channel. Nothing too complex.

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