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    Andhanna216 : Sat 21st Oct 2017 : 12 months ago Hello everyone! New to the group and so far i really like it!

    I am in a Metalcore band and we are planning on incorporating filler samples in between our songs during our live performances. I am unsure on where to start....maybe something ambient and dark but still in that "metalcore" style.
    My question is, can someone make or provide a sample of something they would do. Once I get a basic idea I will be able to run with it. I am just having trouble starting.

    I have included a link to my bands first music video off of our 4 song EP. This music was from when we first started. Nowadays its the same general concept just more polished, better structure, and better playing. We have become a more rounded band and found our niche' and would like to start working on our performances. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. (Link Below)
    (Army of Athens - Abyss)
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