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    ProdbyCHRISTIVN : Wed 18th Oct 2017 : 4 years ago


    I just started a production team called: "Scar Clique", and I'm looking for producers to join.
    To be a part of Scar Clique, you don't have to be a professional producer, or have a large following. That's why I created this team, so that we can help each other out as well as we make music (collabs etc.)

    - Must produce Trap or Hip-Hop (Can also be rapper).
    - Must have 2 (or more) beats uploaded on SoundCloud or YouTube.
    - You also need to have decent/good beats, if you're a beginner, but we see potential in you, you will be able to work on your music, and join later, when we feel that you are good.

    So that's everything. I hope this will attract and help people out.
    And if you've decided to join; leave a comment with a little bit of info about you, and 1-2 beats.

    Chained Beats, creator of Scar Clique.

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  3. 944410
    Cayles : Wed 18th Oct 2017 : 4 years ago


  4. 1938010
    heyhobo : Wed 18th Oct 2017 : 4 years ago

    16 years old, live in germany.

  5. 2147365
    jonesydabeast : Wed 18th Oct 2017 : 4 years ago

    15 and 11 years old, live in australia.
    currently uploading the beats

  6. 2371138
    JasperBeats : Wed 18th Oct 2017 : 4 years ago

    I'm 17 years old and from The Netherlands.
    E-mail me if you want to work together!

  7. 2199881
    jordennedroj : Wed 18th Oct 2017 : 4 years ago

    I've only been making beats since April, but I'm decent! https://soundcloud.com/jordenmakesbeats/tracks

  8. 1802444
    Westfallx : Wed 18th Oct 2017 : 4 years ago

    18 Years old, from Indianapolis
    Email me if interested!

  9. 2136246
    kotykoty : Wed 18th Oct 2017 : 4 years ago

    This is my music and I can also send some beats for you to hear! Interested in this!

  10. 2277007
    pharmacist1018 : Wed 18th Oct 2017 : 4 years ago


    These are just beats i post for fun.. my serious work is what i send to people. If your interested in hearing more email me @

  11. 2377165
    fanclubxfanclub : Wed 18th Oct 2017 : 4 years ago


    My names Ghostie, I'm a producer from North Carolina. Hit up my email, :)

  12. 2244529
    DJArcanist : Wed 18th Oct 2017 : 4 years ago

    https://soundcloud.com/user-825126405 everything is made COMPLETELY by me :)

  13. 2152183
    Trickie : Thu 19th Oct 2017 : 4 years ago

    i make beats and would be interested if there good enough...

  14. 1766671
    Uberlord3 : Thu 19th Oct 2017 : 4 years ago

    Hello, we are two young musicians from a smaller group that we created called Dos Reyes Productions.

    We would both love to have the opportunity to join your group together. YUNG808 produces lo-fi hip hop and trap and Apollo is our rapper. We were interested in joining this group because of the fact that together, as a rapper and a producer, we are capable of making great music.

    Thanks for the opportunity and we hope you can get back to us.

    -Dos Reyes Productions



  15. 2069437
    Lamozord : Thu 19th Oct 2017 : 4 years ago


  16. 1645963
    Alyama123 : Thu 19th Oct 2017 : 4 years ago


    I'm gonna be 16 in a month and love making beats. :)

  17. 2330784
    eoos : Fri 20th Oct 2017 : 4 years ago

    I'm os, 18 Years old and from Switzerland.
    I produce with FlStudio since 4 Years now.

    Some of my work:

    I uploadet them just to show it to my friends so they're not 100% finnished. Usually they're on private.

    Most of my Beats are with self composed melodies but sometimes i sample them.

    If you want to work with me, hit me up.

  18. 2175601
    kriki : Fri 20th Oct 2017 : 4 years ago


    produced demons

    made a mask off remix

    if you wanna hear my beats by itself i make like 2 a day randing from heavy XXXtentacion beats to chill playboi carti beats, and heaps of other genres aswell, ill start uploading them on youtube soon, but i can email them if you need further verification from me

  19. 1916544
    dman121 : Sat 21st Oct 2017 : 4 years ago


  20. 1916544
    dman121 : Sat 21st Oct 2017 : 4 years ago

    most of mine are old beats my best is saved for rappers

  21. 2187879
    beatatron1001 : Sat 21st Oct 2017 : 4 years ago

    20 Years old. South african. I make a lot of Trap and RnB.

  22. 2244529
    DJArcanist : Sat 21st Oct 2017 : 4 years ago


  23. 2401630
    masonv25 : Sat 21st Oct 2017 : 4 years ago


    Been beat making for a couple of years already. I am from Guam and attending college.

  24. 1793952
    aromamob : Sat 21st Oct 2017 : 4 years ago

    Hey. I tried to bring up a team of artists from looperman a while ago, but it kinda failed. Anyway I'm up to give it another shot.

    Beat producer, rapper, songwriter, dj, doing this for like a year

  25. 2421140
    elcycle : Sat 21st Oct 2017 : 4 years ago


    18 years old, in college with a bunch of free time to work on beats. Working on a trap beat right now. Would love to join a team of producers.

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