I Will Put You On The Radio And Into Nightclubs For Free

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    Psychologize : Tue 10th Oct 2017 : 11 months ago My company has been publishing singles the last several months, helping soundcloud artists get on the radio and into nightclubs for the first time. The way we promote, is by giving your MP3 directly to DJ's via our networking. Our most successful single we've promoted has gotten into over 100 Nightclubs worldwide, and onto 23 radio stations worldwide. You'll be able to collect royalties everytime your song is played, and still own full rights. We normally charge around $70 per song promoted, but we'll promote at least one song to everybody who asks for free, and send updates showing your songs progress.
  2. 2152183
    Trickie : Wed 11th Oct 2017 : 11 months ago hi I'm trickie ,do you take remixes or purely original
  3. 1546741
    Psychologize : Wed 11th Oct 2017 : 11 months ago We accept remixes
  4. 2152183
    Trickie : Wed 11th Oct 2017 : 11 months ago ok cool ,ok so can I try the one free first and see if its ok then see about some of my other tracks ?
  5. 1546741
    Psychologize : Wed 11th Oct 2017 : 11 months ago Yes you may.
  6. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Wed 11th Oct 2017 : 11 months ago Total bullshit, listen sport this is nothing more than a thinly veiled advertising stunt to promote your business.
  7. 1546741
    Psychologize : Wed 11th Oct 2017 : 11 months ago It's not bs. You can ask several people I've helped promote. I can't guarantee anyone's music will be played on the radio obviously, but I do give music directly to DJ's. on Soundcloud you can meet GVO LV, Outsidde, Gizmo, etc. All artists I've gotten on the radio and they haven't paid a dime.
  8. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Thu 12th Oct 2017 : 11 months ago Your not getting it sport, advertising is prohibited on Looperman unless your actually paying the site, so don't come on your the Mother Theresa of the music industry and doing it out of the goodness of your heart your spruiking for business plain and simple.
  9. 1546741
    Psychologize : Thu 12th Oct 2017 : 11 months ago I'm offering to promote people for free, on a thread about promotion. Maybe you should let us promote you ;p
  10. 630386
    Unknown User : Thu 12th Oct 2017 : 11 months ago Snake oil salesman comes to mind Dave. Look Psychologize, your Craiglist style post is no good here. Why should we trust you, you are an unknown trying to pull a bait and switch. Sure you offer one of whatever, who cares. Promotion is a continual process. It's absurd to think one promotion from an unknown guy is going to amount to anything. You already mentioned after the ONE freebie is done it is going to cost $70 dollars. Even if Dr. Dre gave one freebie it does not necessarily mean I will get any increased attention unless I am signed to Dr. Dre's label as well. You got to pay big dollars for promotional stuff when unsigned because the nickel and dime stuff does not matter. We have seen many post like this here. A guy, a thread, and an email address which most of the time turned out to be a slippery hit and run scam operation.

    Where you failed is you offered no INDEPENDENT information or details, like a link, so we can verify what you said. You suggested we should run over to SoundCloud to check out your clients, which is insane. You are using a a Gmail account which suggests a kitchen table operation or a bedroom op. And finally you failed to get the necessary permission from the owner of this site or at the very least buy an ad here. Because free means free to everyone else, that means you must waive the $70 dollars for every song I send you. Even if I send you one hundred song they all must be free. Because that's what free means. So what you are doing is helping yourself too, to other people's money. BTW, streaming sites cannot really be considered radio. The Internet is now so saturated with Internet Radio, and there is a huge listener shortage. I'd rather stream my own playlist anyway and bypass the middle man. I think you are great, in your own mind, keep dreaming!
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