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    transparent : Wed 4th Oct 2017 : 1 year ago Hi everybody...

    I have just got a copy of reason 9.5 and I am really struggling to get to grips with usung the software. I have a very good ear but just cant make a half decent beat. Inspiration please !!!
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    Unknown User : Wed 4th Oct 2017 : 1 year ago Reason is not a program you just dive into. Fortunately you are using the first VST supported version after over decade of not having VST support. The program is quite ominous, huge, demanding and intimidating at first glance. You have to set small goals on the many parts in Reason and get good with that specific task. Don't try to do everything all at once or you will become frustrated very fast. For instance, don't concern yourself with Mastering in Reason at this early stage. If you are a looper, the typical WAV loop can be used but, they don't stretch very well because Reason prefers REX and Rx2 files but fully supports WAV and AIFF. REX files are better to manipulate in Reason. You can manipulate the slices of loop, reverse a specific slice or slices in the loop, add effect to a slice or slices, fade, tape stop a loop, stretch (REX) without the chipmunk effect and slice and dice plus a whole lot more.

    The Combinator, rack, players, and the patch panel will also present other challenges. Btw, Reason 10 will be released this month as well. It would be impossibility for anyone here to tell you how to get it up and going. Youtube videos may help. Most DAW's like, Ablton Live, Reaper, Presonus, Magix, and Acid Pro have similar linear functions and similar linear workflows. Reason is radically different as it takes the look and feel of am actual recording studio. Regrettably, I cannot train you, but I may be able answer some questions you might have.

    To understand Reason, it is like a program that has many small programs and parts inside of it that is intimately integrated together into the main system which works in concert with one another as if they were separates. Learn the many parts of Reason slowly like an automobile mechanic learns about fixing cars, one topic at a time. Eventually you will discover shorter paths to link up sounds and production techniques.

    Regrettably, I cannot train you, but I may be able answer some questions you might have.

    Inspiration? hmm:
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    transparent : Fri 6th Oct 2017 : 1 year ago Thank you so much joseph:) I realise there is a steep learning curve to this music production stuff and is going to take time. Thanks again for your response.
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    ZanyRecords : Tue 24th Oct 2017 : 12 months ago If you'd like a DAW that doesn't have a massive learning curve and you're not afraid to grab a midi keyboard/other midi controllers to fill up your USB slots, we strongly recommend Mixcraft. It's just as powerful as most software and accepts BEST plugins & Congress with an extensive loop library, if you enjoy mixing samples
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