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Collaborative Contest -- HIP-HOP

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    ZanyRecords : Tue 3rd Oct 2017 : 1 year ago

    Hey guys!

    I posted about this before, but I was asking for a $10 entry fee. After going through one of the hardest situations in my life, and getting back on my feet to get back on track, my eyes were OPENED. See, when I originally constructed this contest, it was never meant to be a marketing platform for myself. Never a cash grab scheme of any sorts! Desperation made me think silly thoughts.

    The Collaborative Contest was originally launched to help finish up a mixtape I was working on, but then I saw how the contestants were interacting with each other, and using my website to approach new people to make music with. And I've made also made a lasting connection with an artist. So, I realized the potential of turning this into a networking platform where independent artists just like YOU & I, can go to compete in a friendly environment to achieve the highest rank they can, AND connect with new artists around the world.

    So, with that said; I completely reconstructed the contest. It's now, considerably one of the most unique contests available on the web. 100% free, and developed on the basis of connecting dedicated artists willing to step into the unknown and show off their unique style & above all else, connect with others!

    Last year, we had a few people join in from the UK & parts of europe. Will you join us this year? The event is 100% community driven, which means it won't grow if you don't show. So please, if you're passionate about creating music as a hip-hop recording artist, than join us in the Collaborative Contest.

    More details:

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