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    Diskonnect : Mon 25th Sep 2017 : 1 year ago Everytime I log into my looperman account I check the box to stayed signed in. But then when I come back a day or two later it is signed out. Is there an issue here, or am I doing something wrong?! I haven't touched any browser settings so should all be default. Cheers
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    Unknown User : Mon 25th Sep 2017 : 1 year ago The short answer for this, contact Mr. Looperman. Staying logged in for extended periods of time and coming and going at will is subject to this site's, browser cookie file policy. I actually read the policy today and it covers a lot of things but it does not mention what's policy is on "Persistent Cookies."

    Upon login here your browser accepts an authentication cookie. At such time, you will attempt to login. Upon successfully entering in your full login credentials for this site and solving the CAPTCHA puzzle you are given access and granted a session cookie. But wait, there is another option at login, a box that you may have checked at login. When you check the "Remember Me" box you are telling this site you want a persistent cookie file instead of the standard session cookie file. The persistent cookie is what keeps you logged in even if X-out of the looperman tab in your browser and do something else. You could then literally open a new tab minutes later and type LOOPERMAN.COM and resume your logged in session activities.

    Keep in mind the Admin here can and may set when the persistent cookie expires, it could be just hours or less than a day. It's his right to do that. Security of the site is typically the number one reason why he may want quicker expiration of a persistent cookie file. To hackers and wrongdoers, your cookies are a treasure trove of potential unauthorized access to other places. Your cookies may also serve as one of the most common methods to commit all sorts of fraud to include hacking a site like this one, all the way up to identity theft against you. Make it habit of clearing your browser cache quite often.

    Long story short, persistent cookies are subject to timeout to whatever the Admin sets them to. Each site's policy is different from site to site on this matter. Other sites you may visit might allow you to keep your login session/persistent cookies active for days and maybe even weeks without physically logging back in. But again, cookie policies typically fall on what the local Admin for a particular site even it is a persistent cookie in this case. So as I said earlier contact Looperman on this for a more definitive answer. I am just sharing my experience when I ran a Linux based Apache Web server many years ago.
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