My Journey Here At Looper Has Been Exciting

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    Arloph09 : Mon 18th Sep 2017 : 10 months ago I have been producing quite some time. so far I have e laid out so many project which never seem to be finished.

    My name Dj Arloph,(I know cheesy, Right?, i am about 23, and I a music enthusiast.

    I have to thank looper for helping being more gracious towards music. I am glad I found you. Being here at time inspired me a lot.

    For a a while, I have been working on a Afro Trap project..Which you will find the Limited Sample here at Looper:

    And since It has been good to me here. The moment this project is out...I will be giving it away..I will provide download links. And thanks for those amazing loop I have had the privileged to work with guys are f'ing amazing.
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    BradoSanz : Tue 19th Sep 2017 : 10 months ago Good songs you have there. Glad to have you here at the Loop :)

  3. 2144253
    Zivonmusic : Tue 19th Sep 2017 : 10 months ago I'm glad you enjoyed your time here, and I wish you the best in your journeys to come.

  4. 851137
    crucethus : Wed 20th Sep 2017 : 10 months ago Thank you for sharing your creativity here. it is most welcome.
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