Custom Beat Trade For A Producer Tag

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  1. 2394095
    BeatsEnzee : Tue 12th Sep 2017 : 8 months ago Hi there i'm currently looking for an artist or simply someone who could make me a producer/beat tag (e.g ) in WAV Format Dry Version (No Fx needed)

    Vocal Tag Must Conatin - Beats Enzee (Pronounced 'N'''Z')

    and for your work i'm more than happy to produce a exclusive beat for you provided with WAV Trackouts Exclusive Rights Leasing contract provided also

    Reason for this is i have uploaded content on multiple platforms (not looperman btw) in the past and have gone un-credited on multiple occasions so Im thinking now a tag is a must

    Email Submissions -

    Kind Regards Enzee,
  2. 2394095
    BeatsEnzee : Wed 13th Sep 2017 : 8 months ago Bump.
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