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  1. 1446423
    yourbum : Sun 10th Sep 2017 : 2 weeks ago Hey guys,

    I've just been doing some cleaning up and starting fresh with my music, which means i got these left over instrumentals i no longer want.

    I was thinking of throwing them in the trash but i thought i might help some people out.

    i have 19 instrumentals that have been just sitting in a file for a while. They are not mastered nor would i claim them to be perfect. But for whatever reason, either you want to take pieces from it or steal the drum pattern, its all yours.

    Hit me up in the comments with your email and i'll send them to you.

  2. 585633
    topvega : Sun 10th Sep 2017 : 2 weeks ago I will take a listen and see if anything clicks with me.


  3. 1446423
    yourbum : Mon 11th Sep 2017 : 2 weeks ago Hey Topvega,

    Just send a 'Hi' message to my email. I'll send it there.

  4. 2312898
    Markulin : Mon 11th Sep 2017 : 2 weeks ago Would greatly appreciate some free beats!
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