Singer And Songwriter Wants To Share His Voice AndOr Lyrics

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    AranGeorge : Sat 9th Sep 2017 : 1 month ago Hello, guys! I'm searching for someone who writes music because I'd love to use my lyrics and/or voice for create a song with anyone who wants! I'm sure we'll have lots of magic, fun and interesting moments together! Doesn't matter what type of instrumentals you're writing - I'm in! Waiting for your messages! If you want you can email me to ! See you!

    P.S. Sorry, but I can't do rap, by the way. I am singer. Not rapper.
  2. 2255594
    slava72 : Sat 9th Sep 2017 : 1 month ago Privet,posmotri na moyu musicu na looperman,if you like my approch to sound,we can do something together,working now at new "home progect",and desesperatly need a femaile singer, can send you row material in one week time,i dont like trap/rap,udachi v tvorchestve!
  3. 1735918
    garybrownetown : Sun 10th Sep 2017 : 1 month ago Hello! You're more than welcome to try something on this or I have loads more intrumentals if you're interested. Heres my soundcloud if you wna check my stuff out im intrigued to hear your voice!
  4. 1614488
    Pwnihof : Mon 18th Sep 2017 : 1 month ago Hey! Why don't you just upload your Songs as Acapella here and see what happens? ;)
  5. 1547231
    Lemonization : Mon 18th Sep 2017 : 1 month ago Hey! It'd be good if we could hear some examples of your work but anyway. I do have a whole bunch of tracks I'm working on at the moment with another vocalist but I have others which are "unallocated" if I can use that word! Send me a message either on here or you can get me on SoundCloud (see below) and I'll give you the link to my demo tracks if you're interested.
  6. 2144253
    Zivonmusic : Tue 19th Sep 2017 : 1 month ago Hello.
    I do mostly chill genres and ambient. You can check me out here
  7. 2259032
    bennycauthen : Wed 20th Sep 2017 : 4 weeks ago Hey, I am a rapper/singer/songwriter, and I'd love to collaborate with another songwriter! I'd also love it for you to sing as well!
    Me email is:
    E-mail me and we can talk about collaborating.
    (P.S. I AM A RAPPER, so getting a singer for one of my songs is great) Thanks,
  8. 2259032
    bennycauthen : Wed 20th Sep 2017 : 4 weeks ago Wait a minute... You write MUSIC, or do u write LYRICS?
  9. 2353069
    AranGeorge : Wed 20th Sep 2017 : 4 weeks ago bennycauthen, I write music AND lyrics anyways. XD What kind of music you sing?
  10. 2353069
    AranGeorge : Wed 20th Sep 2017 : 4 weeks ago Pwnihof, well, I think, I'll give it a try. But I feel myself way more comfort when I am creating song with someone personally.
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