How Many Of You Have Actually Performed Musically

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    Neomorpheus : Sat 2nd Sep 2017 : 10 months ago Just wondering how many members here has past experience playing and performing. Professional or Amateur it doesn't matter. Block party garage bands, Bar Mitzvahs, Office Christmas partys, piano recitals, County Fairs, cruise ship lounges, Vegas night clubs, opening Concert Tour band or Featured Big Name Recording Artist. It doesn't matter. Any old recordings? Lets hear them!
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    KaozOfficial : Sat 2nd Sep 2017 : 10 months ago I've got about 6 shows under my belt, performing alongside other famous New Zealand musicians and with other talented people from my old school. I got no recordings but they were super fun and loud as all hell!
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    Bilbozo : Sat 2nd Sep 2017 : 10 months ago I have gigged as a guitar player and percussionist for 25 years from small clubs and block parties right up to touring stage festivals and arenas. One thing that is very important and I often regretted when I was younger was not documenting a lot of those experiences. Take those videos and photos from the stage. Have the soundman record off the board for you. It's a lot of great promo you can use to sell your music by. Our band sells CD's of our live performances and often it pays for a lot of gear and additional expenses. I religiously take photos now at soundcheck. We even take photos of the audience while we are on stage performing. In the end when all is said and done, that will be the legacy of your experiences, the road you traveled. You can see the different configurations of the members of your band and how you improved through time. Those funny moments captured that you mates can rememeber when telling those great stories. Music is a journey that always be documented.
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    Planetjazzbass : Sat 2nd Sep 2017 : 10 months ago It occurred to me that probably 95% of the people that have seen me play live (back when Moses was a boy) were completely drunk and off their faces, they all thought I was great even when I was mostly faking it behind volume! lol..I would like to get in another band (that could handle a control freak) ;)
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    Allochtune : Sat 2nd Sep 2017 : 10 months ago I have actually performed quite a lot in the past. I have played the accordeon since I was 4 years old and I have made some money playing on birthday parties. I primarily play tango's and classical pieces (such as Csárdás). But, that's usually not what people would like to hear. So I have prepared a binder with old Dutch songs and English sea shanties just to make some money.

    In the past year I have been working on composing electronic music, which is a whole other experience, but for being 21 years old and an amateur musician, I think I have performed quite a lot. If I had to guess it would be between 30 and 35 times. And that is including birthday parties, playing in cafes and general random stuff where I had my accordeon with me.

    (I also know a lot of Klezmer, but I haven't had the opportunity yet to play at a Bar Mitzvah hahaha)
  6. 1982717
    N3KA : Sat 2nd Sep 2017 : 10 months ago I've done a lot of preference's as a DJ. I've played in a club, some party's and even in a stadium. It was before a big football match, so I guess that's my biggest highlight.

    I don't have a recording of it, but maybe my friend has it. we were a duo back then. I will ask him.
  7. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sat 2nd Sep 2017 : 10 months ago I've done a few shows here in Rochester MN, but not as Spivkurl.

    Had a couple outings at the Pla-Mor Ballroom, back in 1994-95, as the bassist for Charlie Brown's Cousin.

    Then in 2002, Iris-T-Shirt played it's one and only show (so far). This is the band that my wife and I started. We were at the Love Ugly, which was only around for a little over a year. We have a couple of songs from that show posted on our domain... it's way down near the bottom of the page next to the Iris-T-Shirt album.

    It wasn't that weird, since a bunch of our songs were practiced and recorded live. We wrote a lot of them on acoustic guitar/bass as well. We used to go practice on the bike path by the creek, and people would stop and listen.
  8. 766141
    metaled : Sat 2nd Sep 2017 : 10 months ago i have twice id rather be a studio muscian
  9. 2255594
    slava72 : Sat 2nd Sep 2017 : 10 months ago I performed couple times befor cats at my "recording studio"(back room).They sad i was a shitty guitarist,i agreed,the end of story.
  10. 766141
    metaled : Sat 2nd Sep 2017 : 10 months ago i want to be like the metal version of sia and write songs for all types of artists
  11. 994534
    Neomorpheus : Sat 2nd Sep 2017 : 10 months ago Hey some good stuff here already!
    @KaozOfficial: Were you playing Metal? New Zealand has some bad ass Metal bands. Would have been awesome to of heard some o that!

    @Bilbozo: Sounds like you and I have a lot in common. I started playing guitar in garage bands at 15 yrs old. Played a couple of high school dances, County Fairs, talent shows. Switched to playing drums in a few bands - Blues and Country music. Went back to guitar around 1997 when grunge music had become so popular. Actually did some recording with the band around 2002. I'm trying to find some Cd's we made. If I do I will post a track. I agree, its cool to remember the journey.
  12. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sat 2nd Sep 2017 : 10 months ago I forgot to explain Chalie Brown's Cousin... we were a basement band. We practiced (and smoked, and took that good old dead head aceed) in the lead singer/guitarist's parents basement. We were sort of grunge/emo/alternative rock. Three piece, just Federico (Vocals, guitar), Chris (Drums) and I (Bass).

    I couldn't be in the band any more because my dead freaked out and dragged me to Alaska yet again... but he's still there, so I'll forgive him that. I think my buddy Mike took over on bass after I left, which is good because he was far better than I was... and he must have made the live show more entertaining. He was a big Les Claypool/Primus fan.

    Iris-T-Shirt is non genre specific, though we called ourselves Industrial Techno when reaching for a classification. We played the show with a tape backing which was mostly shaped in MED Sounstudio tracker or recorded foley work. Lots of samples recorded from B grade horror flicks. We recorded the whole show to tape as well, for posterity.
  13. 994534
    Neomorpheus : Sat 2nd Sep 2017 : 10 months ago @PJB - I hear you man. I also played a lot of clubs and dancehalls. We used to get frustrated with the amount of drunks and goofy requests. Sometimes we would actually attempt to play a few bars of a song we had never played, and aas terrible as it was would get the most applause of the night. It was a real trip! Believe me I know how you bass players are. Every band I was in it seemed like the bass player was the most sensitive. Angry with very short fuses (ha ha)!

    @Allochtune: Man I wish you had some recordings bro ! My first wifes family is Hispanic and her Dad can play accordian as well as guitar. It used to blow my mind at how good he was with that thing.

    @N3KA: I know we've got quite a few dj's here. Yeah man if you can get hold of a recording by all means lets hear it. I've got several friends who DJ clubs here in Dallas. They do some amazing stuff, I totally dig going to watch them perform.

    @Spivcurl: I knew you have a lot of material but had never seen the website. Wow, pretty impressive amount of work. Your the real deal bro. Not only are you a unique and super talented musician but you have some pretty awesome technical skills as well. Your wife is quite an amazing artist too. Now we know how you got the avatar! Very cool Spiv, thanks for the link. Are the CD's all still available?

    @Metaled: Think it over bro. Studio musicians never get the cred they deserve!

    @Slava: Cats are a pretty tough crowd bro! Don't let them discourage you! I can imagine a very entertaining video of one of those performances (haha), you ought to consider making one.
  14. 2149535
    ZanyRecords : Sat 2nd Sep 2017 : 10 months ago I, myself have yet to do a show. I prefer to have a decent stage precense than just another in the crowd that walks up and walks out. I'd like to hang posters, banners and such so that way everyone knows who's playing and can access our website with a smartphone.
  15. 994534
    Neomorpheus : Sat 2nd Sep 2017 : 10 months ago @Spivcurl: Remember the old Tascam 4 track Portable studio tape recorders? We had one and I have some cassettes with music but its in bad shape. Also have a few VHS video of some live performances. I don't have any way of transposing it to digital right now. I would like to do it though just to have. The first band I was in was formed by me and my neighbor. He and I both got instruments for Christmas one year. I got a guitar and he a bass. My Dad bought the guitar/amp combo from a guy he worked with. It was a Univox Hi Flyer sunburst guitar with dual humbuckers. The amp was an early 70's issue Kustom K150 Blue sparkle tuck and roll model. Both pieces were quite outdated at the time but were like brand new. Within a year I had traded both at a local music store for a new Fender strat and Marshall JCM800 100 watt tube head and 4x12 Cab. I kept those for about 5 years and traded again. I could now kick myself in the ass for getting rid of either set. Especially the Univox and Kustom combo! By the way my Dad freaked out too, because we were playing so loud in my upstairs bedroom it was vibrating pictures off the walls and dishes in the kitchen cabinets. I ended up restricted to the garage for the band practices, which the neighbors constantly complained of and called the cops on us many times. Ah the good ol days !
  16. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sat 2nd Sep 2017 : 10 months ago @Neomorpheus... The original color artwork Iris-T-Shirt albums are gone I believe, however I'm not completely sure. The Spivkurl stuff I mostly make as needed. Got a buttload of the Noise and Toys compilation still around... someone ripped it off right away, then it got torrented, and so it never sold that well... it was the one thing We've gotten professionally reproduced/copied.

    I think I have one signed CD-R left of HellLP here...
  17. 671112
    danke : Sat 2nd Sep 2017 : 10 months ago hey Neo!

    fun thread...

    my bands are here...the first one was a hardcore/metal quartett with 'cynic' words (and humour) but in Hungarian so it'll be a good fun to listen to it...

    the second is a calm rock group with 'fishing' attitude...

    here are the links:

    have fun

    appreciation, Danke
  18. 2255594
    slava72 : Sat 2nd Sep 2017 : 10 months ago Hi evrybody,nice sread!Neomorpheus:it is a good idea,but i would have to give them a bribe(plate of cream),otherwice they would tell me to f%%k off!(ha-ha).Funny story:my brother in early 80s plaied guitar in local band(ussr back then),moustly weddings,in era of a total defecite mates used old "real to real" as a echo/delay hi tech device,on one of local "gigs" man.who booked them ,came and sad:"what the f2222k guys?,turn of your "magnetophone" immideatly ,i am paying 200 rubls for live perfomence,not for playng tape! It took them a time to explain what that "real to real" was for!
  19. 2255594
    slava72 : Sat 2nd Sep 2017 : 10 months ago soory.i ment "reel to reel"
  20. 1231236
    joecramer : Sun 3rd Sep 2017 : 10 months ago 10.000 years ago i played live with our old band The tactless ones. First gig was a wild one who ends in loosing all the good equipment to the police. But we had some cheap equipment in the back hand so we could end the concert a few minutes after the police had left the building. ...
  21. 994534
    Neomorpheus : Wed 6th Sep 2017 : 10 months ago @Danke: Hey man those videos are great! Now that is a fun bunch of guys !!
    Very entertaining and clever and I totally dig the music. The second track reminds me a little of Kings X, which is another band that I really love. Are you the tall guy playing guitar? Dude how tall are you?

    I really like this thread fellas. Really enjoying all the stories. Slava72 that's so funny, I guess they thought you guys were pulling a Milli Vanilli on them ! And Joe I cant believe the cops had to confiscate your gear at your first gig. Ha ha, that's hillarious !! Probably wasn't too funny at the time though.

    I uploaded two tracks from a rap metal band I was in around 2004. We went in the studio and recorded 12 tracks and sold the CDs at our gigs. At the time we were into bands like Rage Against the Machine, Sepultura, P.O.D., Korn, Limp Bizkit etc. It was a crazy bunch of guys too. The lead singer wrote all the lyrics which was mostly based on his growing up in gangs, street life, oppression, anger and angst. Sorry about some of the rough language. We eventually got beyond that stage and recorded a few more tracks. If I can dig them up I will post them.
  22. 851137
    crucethus : Wed 6th Sep 2017 : 10 months ago My First Band was called The London Project.. we went no-where. Then I had the opportunity to perform with my High-schools top bands as we joined together forces to make a super group; to help raise funds for a girl in our class who needed a specialized wheelchair after having a frightful accident earlier in the year. This incarnation led me to perform my first gig in front of 700 people. we did a few more performances also with the the teachers band that was quite good themselves as an an entity (The Naked Truth, they were called ) after that I crept into the studio more and wrote songs and remixed. I do remember that feeling of adrenaline performing for so many people. But it was never an obsession for me unlike writing music .
  23. 1281572
    promenade2239 : Wed 6th Sep 2017 : 10 months ago I actually performed full 50min organ recital on 26thAug2017 - it was a part of a local Festival of Camber and Organ Classical Music here in Poland. Not being a very active as a performer for few last years this one came out quite nicely, I think.
    Past experiences? When studied I had a chance to make classical music in public (mostly organ music) also in Austria, Belgium, Schwitzerland. This year I gave only 2 performances.

    I just uploaded some audio from that last concert on Looperman:

    There will be a short video reportage about this event on Facebook available at some point. For now I've managed to post briefly only a video fragment (first mouvement of Trio-Sonata BWV525) on YT:

    I will try to upload also the video of 'Fantasia BWV572' from that concert on YT today later.
  24. 1281572
    promenade2239 : Wed 6th Sep 2017 : 10 months ago something is wrong with the YT link above. Try this one:
  25. 994534
    Neomorpheus : Thu 7th Sep 2017 : 10 months ago @Crucethus: My first band was named Forbush. None of us had girlfriends and we thought being in a band would of course solve that. Since we would be playing in hopes to attract girls (Bush), we figured the play on words would at least make for a cool band name. Our 15 year old brilliance was short lived. The parents figured it out pretty quick and put the nix on it. Since we were made to fess up to it, the name was changed to Konfess (not by choice). We played a few parties and were pressured by the parents to enter a talent show at the New York State Fair. Here's a pic of us taken backstage. I'm in the center, behind the others.

    @promenade2239: That's an incredible performance bro. I get chills listening to pipe organ. Amazing stuff right there man. Thanks for sharing that with us !
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