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    wowkadeaf : Mon 21st Aug 2017 : 10 months ago Hey, idk if u saw the last one where i asked for artwork, well i felt like those didn't really fit my personality, for those who are willing to make something cool for my channel *130 subs* in exchange for a link in all my videos:
    Specifications: im really into dark rap / emo rap, so i would love a darker type of picture, maybe a dark grey biscuit in the middle that says, lil biscuit on the middle in white with a black background feel free to add more things if u want to, For my banner I would like it to be Lil Biscuit in white (big), on a starry night, (optional) if u have the time can you make a thing on the banner that says like the soundcloud logo and then just lil biscuit after it. thanks don't believe anyone really bothers to do this for just a shoutout but if u do thanks,
    If u wanna see what it looks like rn
  2. 1940952
    KirbicInspo : Tue 10th Oct 2017 : 8 months ago Are you still looking for someone to make some artwork for you? I realize this is a month old but it can't hurt to ask (also you make some seriously epic beats dude. Subscribed (KirbicCreates xD that's me) Keep it up!
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