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    Pwnone : Thu 17th Aug 2017 : 9 months ago Hey guys! It has been a while since i have been on Looperman and I am attmepting to make a return, and hopefully it will be a great one.

    Two things:

    1. I have been working on building a label up. Actually, a couple of labels. I am now looking for producers who would like to jump on the band wagon and join our ranks as we set out on our first voyage to conquer the new world. (lol). If you are a producer (not a beat maker; big difference), and have your business in order and would like to get with a team that is currently strictly underground with hopes of becoming large with world-wide recognition, we would love to work with you.

    We do not have advances or any of the sort. First projects we will be working on will not bring in pay, if so, very little at first. The goal here is to assemble a team of dedicated, hard working and skillful prodcuers and artists who do not mind working towards success together rather than giving all of their rights to major labels for success now.

    We are attempting to reinvent multiple genres of music to create our own style of music to differentiate ourselves from the rest. We believe that music in today's world has been tainted and it is up to us artists to come together and reinvent ourselves and our culture once again, thanks to these culture vultures in the industry.

    Our genres that we will focus on and use to reinvent a new style of music will be:

    Blues, Ska/Reggae, R&B, Classical, Folk, Rock (alt, punk, etc.), Jazz, Funk, Ambient, EDM, Orchestra, Opera, Dubstep, World, Breakbeat, Dancehall, Drum and Bass, and of course, Hip-Hop/Rap.

    Some of the artists that we will work with to develop will be strictly singers from different genres maybe and some will be strictly rappers or songwriters.

    How will this be possible?

    2. We will be gathering and working with both skillful and open-minded producers as well as session musicians. key word: open-minded. Willing to blend. Some musicians believe things like this cannot be done, but Hip-Hop itself has proven otherwise in the past.

    At first, I will be the only one communicating with everyone and assembling the main team through my own current project. If it becomes a success, we will take it from there.

    Please remember this is a long-term goal of my partner and I. Mainly, It is a goal for myself and my music. But if it is proven successful with myself, i want to take it to the next level and develop others to this.

    So, if you believe you are a great match for this project, please feel free to comment below. Maybe link some of your latest work and describe some things about your style of production.

    Both producers and session musicians please fill this out honestly under the above.

    Producer or Session Musician?
    Instruments you play or you specialize in:

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
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    Pwnone : Thu 17th Aug 2017 : 9 months ago Please note that for Software we need to know your DAW.

    Also, what email provider you use and if you are willing to adapt to new tools to work on a team.
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