Free Music In A Capitalist Society

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    theHumps : Thu 17th Aug 2017 : 9 months ago Iggy Pop gives the 2014 John Peel Lecture for the BBC. There is a short biography at the beginning about each of them so you know what their contribution to music is. The vid is an hour long and Iggy drops a couple swears, take this as a warning to younger folk.

    Is the general music consumer now what prohibits the musician/artist from earning their potential? Well the record industry in general has always seem to have been that culprit but with the advent of digital file sharing, is it the consumer public that is hurting the artist?

    Take a listen to what Iggy says about it and feel free to comment.
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    jfkbossee : Thu 17th Aug 2017 : 9 months ago I don't have time to listen to the speech right now, but this is a very interesting topic!

    In this day and age, we live in a society of instant gratification. Everything is at our fingertips. A lot of things people used to have to pay for, they don't anymore today. I've personally never lived in an era where you had to go out and buy an album if you wanted to listen to it. Today, you buy a physical copy just for the sake of actually owning it or if you want to support the artist (which usually only happens if it's someone fairly small or someone you know personally). The fact that a certain amount of streams now count as album sales, exemplifies this.

    Yes, society as a whole has changed and yes, to a certain extent, this may hurt the artist. But there are tons of other ways to generate income and artists have been exploring these way before streaming, way before illegal downloads.

    Consumers will always pick the easiest way. And for a while now, that hasn't been buying physical copies anymore. Who knows, in a couple of years someone might come up with something new and streaming will become obsolete (no idea what it would be though). The industry is going to continue to evolve and artists will have to evolve with it.

    Like I said, don't have time to listen to the speech right now so none of this is a response to what was said in the video, but it is a topic that interests me a lot so I felt like commenting and putting my two cents in.
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    jfkbossee : Thu 17th Aug 2017 : 9 months ago To make a weird analogy: we don't have to pay for porn anymore either. Yet some people still do. And pornstars are still making money. That industry has also had to evolve and change because of the internet.

    The reason why the analogy fits to a certain extent is because both satisfy a need/want. They're both luxury items that are nowadays directly available to us all. Yet some people still pay for it, even though they don't necessarily have to. Both industries have survived the internet and thrive in it and the people involved are still making money off it.
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    Planetjazzbass : Fri 18th Aug 2017 : 9 months ago Hey Wayne great post..superb dissertation by Iggy. (one of my fav artists) So much truth presented about what music and it's industry is and where it's at. Iggy felt he was a utopian communist, I've always considered myself a bourgeois anarchist! haha. People really should take the time to watch this as the implications are relevant to everyone here, from the young "tuded" up dudes who want to become the next big thing to the older introspect musical expressionists, unsurprisingly the topic of filthy lucre is the main stopping point and major protagonist, real and imagined from record crooks to indie artists finally selling out, no subject is taboo, what I found most appealing was his understanding of the real karma inherent within creative music and it's disciples, ideas equate to freedom...the most diminishing resource in the world.
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