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    Looperman : Tue 15th Aug 2017 : 1 month ago While working together is something to be encouraged it should be remembered that the collaboration section of the forums is not a place to simply post worthless links to your profiles on other sites and encourage users to have no further interaction here.

    An example of this would be a post like this

    hmu on soundcloud

    This type of post gives no useful information, does not explain what you are looking for, does not provide an example track, does not encourage debate or discussion in the forums and in most cases will end up with little or no replies.

    There are already guidelines for using the forums that ask you to make your posts worthwhile, to make your posts worth reading etc

    A worthwhile collaboration post would include a title that summarises your request and then at least a link to a track that you are working on and a description of what exactly you are looking for in those you wish to respond.

    You should include information on the DAW you prefer to use (you should also make sure this is included in your profile)

    You could also include information on where you are based in the world, other artists that inspire you, what you bring to the table and what you want from others.

    Dont get me wrong, I have nothing against soundcloud, youtube, facebook, twitter or any other site out there. By all means use what you want, i do. I have absolutely nothing against anyone posting links to other sites. This is how the internet works after all. The only real issue is the posts where its clear that no real thought has been put into it.

    At some point the collaboration section will be removed from the forums and ill make it simpler to both post requests and respond to them.

    In a nutshell if you want something back you must first give a little. Dont just fly by, tag your request and head off again expecting others to follow.

    If others have suggestions on how best to get people to work with you or recipes for successful collaboration then by all means post your thoughts here.
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    neuromancer56 : Tue 15th Aug 2017 : 1 month ago Now you've gotten me thinking. It's been difficult communicating with my collaborator because they don't have their "contact me" enabled. I've been trying to communicate by responding to their comments on my tracks and that's not working well. What if we could create private collaboration areas where we would designate our collaborators. Then the system would notify them with an invite system message when they log in (if they can't be contacted via email). An email would be sent as well to them if they are email contactable. Then there would be a private discussion thread created for all collaborators in the project, and a place to privately upload any files, (project files, mp3's, .wav's, midi etc.). You could put a size limitation on this so it isn't abused. Once we have gotten the files to each other, we could use that space limit to share newer/other files. This would be collaboration nirvana!
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    neuromancer56 : Tue 15th Aug 2017 : 1 month ago I'm going to check out Though it is geared toward business collaboration, it might work for what I described above. There is a free version of it.
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    phatkatz4 : Tue 15th Aug 2017 : 1 month ago Excellent :D Keep up the good work Looperman.
    I like to use FB chat to communicate when doing collabs. Yahoo messenger works the same, we can chat in real time or leave messages that each can see as time permits, as life can be quite busy sometimes (hence why I haven't been very active lately). You can upload mp3 files to share ideas and I like to use Mediafire (pick your favorite file sharing site) for sharing large files like wave and the stems (individual track files) even zip files containing everything in the project.
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    Planetjazzbass : Tue 15th Aug 2017 : 1 month ago Great work Shan! One of these days there will be an outside agency, media poll, or some such governing internet body that hands out awards for the best audio community on the web and I have no doubt that you will be top of the list.
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    neuromancer56 : Wed 16th Aug 2017 : 1 month ago Slack looks sweet for free. You can privately share any file type, chat, have message boards. It even recognized what the mp3 file I uploaded was and let me play it from the site. Supposedly it also has voice and video calling but I couldn't figure out how to get that working yet. The rest was easy to figure out.
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    JosephFunk : Wed 16th Aug 2017 : 1 month ago Coincidentally, Shan, I made mention of this exact thing a week prior to your post that I thought this was your policy all along. Now it's official. Cheers!
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    Looperman : Wed 16th Aug 2017 : 1 month ago yes, its nothing new just thought it needed to be clarified in this particular situation before new posts get removed.

    Im all for people using the forums to find people its just a case of making those posts worth reading. In the end it should be a win win situation as those posts may be more productive if the original poster makes more of an effort to start with.
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    Spivkurl : Wed 16th Aug 2017 : 1 month ago I'm happy that the guidelines have been clarified. Hopefully it helps the forum be a little more consistently worth reading.
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    joecramer : Wed 16th Aug 2017 : 1 month ago Did not work yet :)

    kingvas808 : Wed 16th Aug 2017 : 1 hour ago
    HMU on sound cloud
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    Looperman : Wed 16th Aug 2017 : 1 month ago Hi Joe, yes, that one slipped into the bin
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