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    LankFrampard : Sun 13th Aug 2017 : 11 months ago It's me again!

    Looking for rappers as always and singers this time as I want begin making a mix of different styles.

    Please check my YouTube channel if you want to hear my stuff and watch my music videos (I have my own team of goons, we make all videos ourselves). Just search my username and it will come up. I also have many loops on this site and have sold some in the past.

    I am working on many different things atm but I want to make two EPs by the end of this year

    I will be making one that's more of a 'trap/cloud rap' style think artists like $uicideboy$, Jam Baxter, Ghostmane, Chemo, Milkavelli

    The other I will be going towards the British old school, experimental underground type stuff (Jehst, Strange U, Trellion, Lee Scott)

    If you are interested I just want to mix it up a bit and get some different ideas flowing.

    I am dead serious about this and over the last few months have been going hard. I hope people reply to this post as I think we can get a lot achieved!

    PS If you live in England, Holland or Jersey deffo get in touch as I want to plan some live gigs for next year


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