Looking For Future Bass Drop Producer

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    HarryHockjne : Sat 12th Aug 2017 : 11 months ago Hello everyone,
    I have recently started putting down some ideas for a future bass type track; however I've come to the drop and whatever I try here I just cannot get to sound right. If anyone out here is willing to help a small artist on just this drop I will be very thankful for helping OUR track sound better.

    You can hear it so far here so if you are thinking of helping you know what kind of style it is so far: https://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/187616

    Thank you,
    Harry Hockjne
    (previously Dinky Mixy)

    Reply here or at if you feel you could help :)
  2. 1403623
    dougal31 : Wed 1st Nov 2017 : 8 months ago I'll post here too just incase but I'm sure I can help. What DAW you using?
  3. 1110125
    Rhysliddle123 : Wed 1st Nov 2017 : 8 months ago If you still need this here's an example of my future bass, i'd be glad to help https://soundcloud.com/rhys_liddle/naughty-boy-la-la-la-rl-beats-future-bass-remix
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