5inch Or 8inch Studio Monitors For Starting Off On A Budget

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  1. 2345187
    emanndaman : Mon 7th Aug 2017 : 2 years ago

    i've been producing with a bose mini soundlink and its time for me to upgrade lol. i been researching alot on what to get.
    my budget is around 150-250$ a pair
    i have a home studio. i can either set up in my room and settle for a 5". or i can set up in a medium/big room in my home and settle for an 8".

    Mackie CR5BT monitors? 5"
    these run around 170-220
    there isn't much reviews online on these about mixing. and i am unsure if i should settle for these. or maybe i should get these for now and save up for some HS8s along the way

    Monoprice 8" monitors?
    these run around $200-250 a PAIR!!
    the reviews say these are equivalent to the bx8's but they are half the price.

    i'm not too sure. what do you guys think?

  2. 2135059
    Kency : Mon 7th Aug 2017 : 2 years ago

    I saved the extra money for the HS8's and i love them! they sound great and its super easy to mix on them.

  3. 1127123
    Arhum : Tue 8th Aug 2017 : 2 years ago

    i'd go for the medium/big room with an 8". better acoustics that way (https://www.acousticfields.com/small-and-large-room-acoustics/) as well as an easier time mixing in the low-end (regardless, id keep a decent pair of headphones around to help mix in the low-end).

    im gonna hope you get some acoustic treatment before anything else (and/or https://www.sonarworks.com/speakers as well as https://www.sonarworks.com/systemwide to use outside your daw)... sonarworks on its own is actually pretty good though LOLOL...

  4. 2345187
    emanndaman : Tue 8th Aug 2017 : 2 years ago

    @Kency yup the HS8's are the best but i don't got the budget atm. for sure i will have a pair in the future tho

  5. 2345187
    emanndaman : Tue 8th Aug 2017 : 2 years ago

    @asidRn thanks for the sonaworks link. ill take a look at it

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