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  1. 1652442
    gavin8399 : Wed 2nd Aug 2017 : 2 years ago

    Im a producer, whos looking to do some mixing/mastering. any genre, rap, pop, edm, country, rock, whatever it may be. Send it to me at WAV files are a plus. but i can convert them from others if you dont have WAV files. i also make beats, you can check those out on my soundcloud
    let me know if we can work together id love to mix and master your songs.

  2. 1971422
    Justze3 : Thu 3rd Aug 2017 : 2 years ago

    just a heads up,Converting Mp3 to WAV file doesnt improve the quality of said file..always ask for WAV stems

  3. 1652442
    gavin8399 : Thu 3rd Aug 2017 : 2 years ago

    Oh yeah I know it doesn't improve it's just my daw only takes wav and ogg but yes I prefer wav files so I don't have to convert

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