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Piano In Ableton Live 9

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  1. 2233219
    Guccifer : Mon 10th Jul 2017 : 1 year ago

    Hello, i'm trying to get a piano sound like on this track:
    I'm on Ableton live 9 and i'm not using any plug-ins.
    Does anyone can help me ?

    ps: sorry for my english

  2. 186161
    Spivkurl : Mon 10th Jul 2017 : 1 year ago

    It sounds like one shot samples of piano chopped from someone else's music.

  3. 630386
    JosephFunk : Thu 13th Jul 2017 : 1 year ago

    Your English is fine, no worries. As to the question, with respect to Spivkurl, what I am heard was a midi file rendered possibly through something like Native Instruments' Kontakt Player plugin. It sounded like a 2 fingered played midi loop played from a Kontakt Piano library that was quantized and rendered.

    My suggestion? Get some plugins or ask someone to make that simple midi pattern for you. The best of luck to you.

  4. 630386
    JosephFunk : Thu 13th Jul 2017 : 1 year ago

    ...what I heard....
    Even English speakers screw up, lol!

  5. 186161
    Spivkurl : Thu 13th Jul 2017 : 1 year ago

    Ha ha. JosephFunk... Kontakt is a sampler, with sample based instrument libraries. These are based on one shots, sometimes grouped into multisamples. The brand of sampler does not matter, it is still a sampler.

    In fact Kontakt used to be the only sampler I used, before they even had libraries available.

  6. 630386
    JosephFunk : Thu 13th Jul 2017 : 1 year ago

    I am guilty as charged too. I have used Alicia Keys' so-called Million Dollar Piano, ain't that a hoot! Ha ha ha! Who do they think they are fooling with those overly processed samples. :-)

  7. 1118799
    Stevejaz : Thu 13th Jul 2017 : 1 year ago

    OP is not clear on which version of Live 9 he has but I think they all come with a basic keyboard. Most have 'Sampler'. The piano sound in the clip is very basic and simple sound and I feel it should be found on any basic keyboard in any DAW. Things I really can't understand are how that clip got 10,000,000 views or why anyone would want to sound like it in the first place. Can understand how it got 18,000 dislikes though. OH and I still find Alicia's Keys to be my go to piano sound which is probably just a taste /style thing, though I just use the basic patch.

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