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  1. 1483495
    TRE24 : Mon 19th Jun 2017 : 5 days ago I don't know if this has been suggested in the past or even if it is doable.

    I visit this site from time to time and occasionally collaborate with other artists/producers. I think it would be great if Looperman had a follow system so that you can click on your followers button and easily access all of the people you are working with instead of remembering ​names and then typing them in individually. Like I said I don't know what this site is capable of because I'm sure it takes a lot for all the music but this was just an idea. Mainly stemming from my horrible memory with names. Haha.

    Good Day,
  2. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Tue 20th Jun 2017 : 5 days ago No offence but why not just call the place Looperface and have a like button and silly games as well, seriously man if you can't remember who you like in this world and need an app for it you've got more important things to worry about.
  3. 186161
    Spivkurl : Tue 20th Jun 2017 : 5 days ago oh snap!
  4. 1483495
    TRE24 : Tue 20th Jun 2017 : 5 days ago Like kicking your ass. Internet gangster. Lol
  5. 1483495
    TRE24 : Tue 20th Jun 2017 : 5 days ago Oh and by the way do a little bit of spell checking before you decide to make an ass out of yourself. No offense.
  6. 630386
    JosephFunk : Tue 20th Jun 2017 : 5 days ago {{{RESET}}}
    Hey Tre24,
    Well, I come in peace. It appears that this has been suggested in the past many times and the boss, Mr. Looperman, has expressed a noninterest at bringing such an idea here to this site many times. I think he just ignores such requests now because they are so frequent.

    I found a thread from 5 years ago about what you are asking about. You can read what people said 5 years ago about the same topic. It has actually been more than 5 years when you count the other threads too man.

    Please read:

    So sorry, most likely this will not happen here in the foreseeable future. But don't worry, many people still think it is a good idea. Peace!
  7. 1483495
    TRE24 : Tue 20th Jun 2017 : 5 days ago Thanks JosephFunk. I appreciate the insight. I just had a massive amount of people hitting me up at the same time and it was hard to keep track. Oh well. Maybe in the future we can evolve. Thanks again for the info sir.
  8. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Tue 20th Jun 2017 : 5 days ago You'd have to go along way to find a better advocate for America than myself, however when it comes to language specifically the English language, there is no American English there is only English, so now that we've established that your American or would you prefer Murican, you'll find that I used the correct spelling, for the rest of world that is.
  9. 1483495
    TRE24 : Tue 20th Jun 2017 : 5 days ago Lol. Grow up you loser! LMAO!
  10. 1483495
    TRE24 : Tue 20th Jun 2017 : 5 days ago Metaphorically typing the cheese is in the trap. You keyboard gangsters are scary. Stop with your childish ignorance and spread some positive vibes for once in your life. My God this community has some bad apples. Yup that's Murica bitch!
  11. 1237805
    centralsdev : Tue 20th Jun 2017 : 4 days ago on looperman you most take the good and bad as one. it all about music. and you seem negative as well possible more then any else in this post.
  12. 994534
    Neomorpheus : Tue 20th Jun 2017 : 4 days ago That's because he's nothing but a solicitor.
    He's only here to get followers for his Soundcloud account. Check out his profile.
    And worse yet he thinks having an Einstein avatar will make him appear smarter.

    It didn't work.
  13. 1237805
    centralsdev : Tue 20th Jun 2017 : 4 days ago Neomorpheus now you sound more negative then him :D
  14. 186161
    Spivkurl : Tue 20th Jun 2017 : 4 days ago He says on his profile, "I am T2." However, I think that this may be the biggest typographical error. The "T" was probably supposed to be "1." Hence, it should read "I am 12."
  15. 994534
    Neomorpheus : Tue 20th Jun 2017 : 4 days ago @centralsdev

    I don't agree. I didn't threaten anyone, which by the way is a direct violation of the rules here, and I didn't dis' the community. I simply stated facts and called a spade a spade. I can understand Tre taking offence to PBJ's post but it didn't warrant that type of a response, especially toward a senior member with 10 years in the community. I honestly don't like blatant disrespect. I also have serious issue with so many people that continually bombard us with promotion of, or redirection toward other sites. In my opinion Tre needs to lighten up or take a hike. I consider that negative positivity, which any way you look at it, is still positive.
  16. 1483495
    TRE24 : Tue 20th Jun 2017 : 4 days ago Good to have so many haters.
    Especially the non funny type.
    I can dig the​ lighten up part but I was just calling a spade a spade. Lol.
    Anyways this site will never evolve because of shit like this. Oh and as well as the inside the box thinking. And I will be taking a hike from this ignorance, read my last track post. I haven't heard an artist close to my potential in the tracks and all most of you idiots do is start dirty keyboard stroking when you feel threatened by talent. It's amusing to a certain extent watching you the undernourished by the hand of God try to extend their talents to something their not.........so all of you stop trying to be gangster. Lol... And..... lmfao.

    I'm out. You guys have fun
  17. 994534
    Neomorpheus : Tue 20th Jun 2017 : 4 days ago Not a hater bro, just a an occasional dis-liker. You failed the final test with flying colors by the way. Gave you the opportunity to take a step back, say something nice, or at least say something smart. You responded exactly the way I thought you would. My work here is done.
  18. 1483495
    TRE24 : Tue 20th Jun 2017 : 4 days ago Awesome
  19. 2255594
    slava72 : Tue 20th Jun 2017 : 4 days ago Follow/unfollow sistem would kill this website,Looperman is the best for music minded people,we dont have here Fake followes,plays,likes dislikes,spum!
  20. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Tue 20th Jun 2017 : 4 days ago I was going to let this jerk have his 15 seconds of stupidity but here's a message he just left me via the contact function.....DATE - 2017-06-20 00:29:32
    FROM - TRE24
    PROFILE - https://www.looperman.com/users/profile/1483495
    MESSAGE ...

    Lol at your negativity. Grow up you fuckin nerd.

    Click Here to reply this message


    Dont reply directly to this email as it is sent to an un monitored address and your message will not be seen.

    If you prefer not to have members contact you then you must adjust this setting via your profile page on https://www.looperman.com/

    If you feel that this message is in anyway abusive or could be classed as S.P.A.M then get in touch with one of the site mods or site admin..........Now while I don't feel the need or inclination to contact Shan about this little reptile, he's shown he's just another wannabee that will never actually get it together.
  21. 1483495
    TRE24 : Tue 20th Jun 2017 : 4 days ago :) Call it like I see it. You can contact whoever you want.
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