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    poolboypedro : Mon 19th Jun 2017 : 6 months ago if you guys have a spotify account, would you do me the favor of pressing the follow button on my page ? reason being is once I get 250 followers (tall task), my spotify artist page will be verified (big deal to me)

    this goes for anyone with a page on Spotify any genre.. please post your artist page here and i will follow you back.

    THANK YOU !!
  2. 985556
    poolboypedro : Sun 25th Jun 2017 : 5 months ago got one guy so far... anybody else out here want to help a brother out ? i am sure some of you have Spotify accounts. ITS FREEEEEE.99 !!
  3. 2259032
    bennycauthen : Wed 20th Sep 2017 : 2 months ago What's ur artist name?
  4. 2259032
    bennycauthen : Wed 20th Sep 2017 : 2 months ago ... I might follow, it's just that I need to know ur artist name on Spotify.
  5. 985556
    poolboypedro : Wed 20th Sep 2017 : 2 months ago yo whats up man thank you !
    my name is Romero Uno on there..

    you can find me link right here

    id appreciate a follow and a listen..

    && just so you know i followed you on Spotify @ BC. Hollywood...

    bout to check out "The New Sound Button" "Yolt" and etc. and give you some favorites on there

    i appreciate it man and ill make sure to give you feedback !
Posts 1 - 5 of 5

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