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Remix Super Metroid By 666IGMA

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    saintpetejackboy : Sun 18th Jun 2017 : 4 years ago

    This track was obviously inspired by the Super Nintendo game "Super Metroid", released in 1994. I recently completed this track and also released a video for it. Because I'm a terrible producer and I think others might have fun with this particular project, I've decided to petition for remixes here. I haven't 'officially' released this track yet and would love to be able to release a single of it that includes all of the great remixes through an official distributor... and besides just name recognition I'd be willing to share the stats and profit of the track with any artists willing to work on this with me.

    Here is the original track:

    This files on Mediafire are about 33MB, here is the link:

    Included there is a zip file which contains a lot of the custom samples I made and all of the ones I used for this track, including the drum loops (which were originally created by another member here, SilenceKills). The other parts (the primary "synth" used) was created in Serum but resampled, so it is available even if you do not have Serum or use some other DAW.

    Speaking of DAW, I've included an .flp with this project, if you use FL Studio, it had all of the project data inside and should work right out of the box without any extra plugins or VSTs, as everything is resampled.

    Keep me updated on any progress you make and let me know if you require further assistance.

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