I Really Need A Long Term Artist I Can Work With

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  1. 1977895
    naphtaliv : Fri 9th Jun 2017 : 10 months ago If you sing or rap, and you have actual skill please put you're soundcloud or links to your music below. Im looking for an artist I can grow a long term relationship with.

    Note: I am not looking to collaborate once, I'm looking to actually make plenty of music with you
  2. 1253907
    yusuf203 : Fri 9th Jun 2017 : 10 months ago https://soundcloud.com/yu-uf
  3. 1915250
    ducoemcee : Fri 9th Jun 2017 : 10 months ago https://soundcloud.com/ducohiphopemcee

    I have started producing EDM style stuff, but I am the writer and rapper to the hip-hop group Duco.

    Also check out this CD - I wrote and made all vocals

    I also worked with Sascha Ende from Ende TV as a rapper on his produced music https://www.mediafire.com/folder/z75o805563qu5/Free_tracks

    As said, I wrote all track parts - Even the chick who sings in "Barbie Girl", I wrote her lyrics too.

    Let me know
  4. 2052304
    ILMA : Sat 10th Jun 2017 : 10 months ago https://soundcloud.com/ilma-haskovic/glass
  5. 1138200
    jlars57 : Sat 10th Jun 2017 : 10 months ago https://soundcloud.com/stretch/stretch-clouded
  6. 966402
    tekreck : Sun 11th Jun 2017 : 10 months ago Lets work
  7. 1897061
    iankofficial : Sun 11th Jun 2017 : 10 months ago http://iank.bandcamp.com
  8. 1793952
    aromamob : Mon 19th Jun 2017 : 10 months ago Hey! I got a thread here on Looperman!
    I just started a group with artists from looperman who need more coverage. I told everyone to get LINE app in order to have a group chat!
    If you look for more mainstream attention, well You are more than welcome, because we are all amateur artists and we try to help each other get bigger! We are going to make a project together!
    We got few producers, but we are short on rappers and singers! Already got 2 songs in the making!
    If you interested in joining our project mail me at
    or on LINE app at aromamob

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