Need A Vocalist For A Summery Tropical Track

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  1. 1413588
    EctoMusic : Sun 28th May 2017 : 5 years ago

    Hi guys,

    Title is pretty self explanatory; I'm looking for a vocalist to sing on one of my new tracks. It's a light hearted, upbeat track, so please keep that in mind.

    Song Info:

    BPM: 130bpm
    Key: A

    It's just a fun little project. (Think OMFG, type sounding. Very light hearted and fun. If you're interested, message me, and if you have any questions, fire away!



  2. 1958761
    Erovene : Mon 29th May 2017 : 5 years ago

    Hello i will be happy to lend you vocals on your track :)

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